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When it was announced that Weeekly was going to join the app, I was super excited about it and it was going to be the first time for me to use Bubble. Weeekly joined Bubble on January 24th and on the same day I purchased the tickets/subrictions to Weeekly. I have now used Bubble for 1 month, and so far I’m quite satisfied.

What is Bubble?

Bubble is created by the company DearU and is a messaging app that allows Kpop artists and fans to communicate with each other. There are quite a lot of artists on Bubble, so there is a good chance that your favorite idol is on there.

The app is very similar to KakaoTalk, and it’s not difficult to use at all. From our perspective it looks like a normal chat room, 1 on 1 with the artist and it creates this illusion that you are talking directly with the artist and they reply directly to you, which is not true. The artists do not have the power to reply directly to one message. In reality it’s more like a huge group chat where the artist can see all the replies from every fan which we can’t see and they reply in the group chat.

Price (IST/Weeekly Bubble)
I find the price perfect – it’s not too pricey and too cheap. Personally the price is just at where I don’t have to justify the spending, and don’t have to drop one member for another. Note: I’m currently working and have the funds to do things like this, so a student might not be able to do these things easily.

Price per ticket:
1 Tickets  –  $3.99
2 Tickets  –  $6.49  ($7.49)
3 Tickets  –  $9.49  ($10.99)
4 Tickets  –  $12.49  ($14.99)
5 Tickets  –  $15.49  ($18.49)
6 Tickets  –  $18.49  ($22.49)
7 Tickets  –  $20.99  ($25.49)

My Experience

As I said I’m very satisfied with my subscription with Weeekly and actually have no big complaints. Since the first day there have been only 1 day where there were no messages from any of the girls. Not every member writes everyday, but for me who has subscriptions for all the girls there is no shortage of messages. I even had to put the chats on mute because it was too much. Right now I have everyone on mute except Soojin.

The girls are indeed very lovely, and it seems like they enjoy the concept and talking with the fans through the app a lot. The feeling might calm down eventually, but I encourage you to try. It’s a lot of fun, and you get to know the idols better where they can express them more freely and frequently, and they sometimes send pictures and voice messages that you won’t get anywhere else.

Do you have a subscription for your fav and do you like it?

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