Welcome to Kpopforfun

Who am I?

Hi~ I’m Filip, and on this blog I will share my experiences and knowledge of K-pop and Korea with the world as a K-pop fan. I have also lived in South-Korea for 5 months – where I participated in a language exchange program. I’m currently 23 years old and I really got into K-pop in 2014, but I did dabble with K-pop even before that. I’m half Norwegian and half Thai. 

My K-pop Collection

My very first K-pop albums were Luv (Apink) and First love (CLC) in 2015. At the time I didn’t have any income so those two albums were my only albums for 2 years before I got To. Heart (Fromis_9). After that I got my first job and my collection has slowly grown since. 

I’m currently downsizing my collection so I actually do have more albums than what the album count says.

Album count (2022): 43

Other Hobbies

My favorite team and the team I support is Arsenal. I have played football since I was a kid for 11 years before I quited. It has been a huge part of my life and it still is. I’m a big sports fan in general and a big lover of the olympics. 

I have been playing League of Legends since 2011, but in recent years have not played at all due to no time or interest to play. I would rather use my time watching competitive matches than actually playing and have been a long fan of the Korean team KT Rolster. Other games I enjoy watching are CS:GO and Street Fighter.


Your ult?
Apink & Weeekly

Who is your ult bias?
Chorong & Soojin (Weeekly)

When did you start the blog?
My first post was posted 15. May 2021 

Have you been at a K-pop concert?
Nope, not yet. It’s definitely one of my goals to attend a K-pop concert, especially a Apink or Weeekly concert

Have you been to a fansign?
At the moment I have only done video call fansign with Weeekly, but I do wish to attend an in-person fansign in the future


Album and K-drama ratings are based on my own personal opinions. I do not have any profesional experience in music or videography so take my reviews as entertainment. I try not to shy from my own opinions to be nice. If I find something I don’t like I will criticize it, but in a way where I don’t do it without context and reasoning (I don’t hate to hate). 

Ratingsystem (1-5)
1 – Strongly dislike
2 – Don’t like it, could be better
3 – Good song, but won’t play it on my spare time
4 – Great song, might make it in to my playlist
5 – Best of the best, deserves no hate