Apink Pink Eve Withdrama Haul

Apink dropped merch for their new year concert Pink Eve and I just had to get some of it. Nothing is like supporting the people that make you happy as long as you can afford it of course and Apink does exactly that. They have been my sunlight for years and still are. I ended up buying the postcard set, the collect book with the photocard set and two sweatshirts (Naeun’s & Hayoung’s). I loved the Pink Eve concert. It was so nice and I had a blast watching it, did anyone else see it? My ultimate goal is to one day attend a real life Apink concert.

Postcard set: 80 postcards with photos from different eras of Apink’s career and it’s incredible to see how much they have grown. I haven’t checked if the photos are unreleased photos, but I do hope so. They do look incredibly gorgeous in the photos and I can’t stop looking at them.  

Message Cards
Apink Group Postcards
Chorong Postcards

Collect book: I just bought this for the photocard set. I think most people did the same and I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do with the Photobook yet. I will put the photocards in my 9-pocket Apink binder. I love that Apink has a decent amount of concept photocards, the outfits in the photocard set are amazing and the members themselves are so beautiful.

Sweatshirts: My ult bias is Chorong, but I just don’t think pink suits me well so I went for the Hayoung (blue) and Naeun (White) sweatshirt instead. I was unsure how they would look in hand, but they did use the sweatshirts at the concert and I really liked how they looked. I kinda regret not buying the green one (Bomi) and the yellow one (Eunji) because they looked good, but at the same time I’m glad I didn’t. I need to save some money. I love how they went for their nicknames Rong, Bbom, Meong, Nang, Joo & Bbang. Only true fans will understand the nicknames. I can wear this in public without any casual Kpop fans knowing that I’m one of them, which is fantastic. I find meeting and having conversations with Kpop fans in real life quite awkward so the more I can avoid it the better.

The sweater is a little too big for me (165cm) and had it been a little shorter on the arms it would have been perfect, but I guess I will use it as a baggy sweater which is not that bad.

Event Photocard Sets: For every 50k won spent on Pink Eve merch you get a random set of one photocard set or a polaroid set. My favorite photocard has to be Eunji’s photocard. It’s super cute and yellow is my favorite color so anything with yellow gets an extra point. 

Did you get anything or is there something you wish you had?

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