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This has to be my worst month of listening to K-pop. There has been only one K-pop song this month that has catched my attention which I had on repeat for a period and that was Gahyeon Solo – Playground. Congratulations to Dreamcatcher for managing to get their first win during this comeback. 

The sad news; Son Naeun officially left Apink this month. This was quite expected, but it still feels surreal that it’s in fact happening. It seemed there was a huge disconnect between the two management, but Apink will always be OT6 <3 Their journey and every achievement will be dearly cherished forever in my heart. Their anniversary was on the 19th and it wouldn’t be an Apink anniversary without a fan song. I want you to be happy is another amazing fan song. 

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This was just the vibe I needed in my life, fresh and upbeat~! This is a certified banger and it will be on my playlist forever. 

Some of Apink’s fan songs needed a few relistenings before I liked them, but I fell instantly in love with this one.    

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