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A late recap this month. I was not busy at all, but the month just went past so fast and I totally forgot to do a recap. We had a lot of exciting comebacks this month – Girls’ Generation, IVE, BLACKPINK and more.

It’s fun to see Girls’ Generation staying strong after 15 years, and it’s incredible how they have managed to do a comeback when not all the members are no longer under SM Ent. They are still talented and stunning as always. Forever 1 is an amazing song with so much charm. It didn’t fall into my taste, but I don’t think there are any Sones that are disappointed with the song.

BLACKPINK released their pre-release song Pink Venom and I think this is their worst song so far which is incredible thinking they have only released multiple top tier songs. The chorus is my biggest turnoff for the song, it reminds me of “My hump, my hump, my hump..” from Black Eyed PeasMy Humps. I’m still super excited for their comeback on the 16th August. 

I have enjoyed Yena’s SMARTPHONE and Rocket Punch’s FLASH the most this month. I thought about buying Yena’s album, but I haven’t done it yet and we will see if I do. 

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Favorite releases of August

This song literally gave me goosebumps. I love the energy and vibe of this song, and it’s so different from what they have done before. Not only is it different, but they absolutely killed their parts.

The song is oozing fun, and it will surely put anyone in a good mood. Their title track FLASH is a fantastic song, but personally Beep Beep is on another level and it has the exact vibe I like.

I definitely am in the minority when I like this song better than her debut song Smiley. The song is so addictive and has nothing but Yena’s energy on it.

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