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The first month of 2022 is gone. How are my readers doing and are you holding strong to your new year’s resolutions? I hope everyone is feeling great and ready to take on any challenges that 2022 might throw at you. It’s been a semi-good start for me. Nothing amazing has happened so far. I’m starting new habits of being more productive and I wrote down new long term goals. I have definitely been more productive these days, but the long term goals I made seem so daunting. I know I will make the goals with dedication and a good plan which I have so there should not be any problems. There will be obstacles on the path to my goals, but I’m ready!

January posts

There were a decent amount of good releases this month. I was super excited to see Yena finally debut outside IZ*ONE and I just had to buy her album. For those who don’t know me, I’m a huge girl group fan – I usually check out every girl group release. Besides the releases this month I got my Apink Pink Eve merch this month which I was totally thrilled to get, I made an unboxing post that you can check out if you want. Apink also dropped their album release date and some teasers. Apink is finally back~~!! It’s been almost two years since their last comeback. Everything was amazing until YG ruined it. They announced that Nauen will not participate in the comeback activities. On the bright side she participated in the album.

Viviz is also making their debut next month (9 Feb) – It’s so nice to see them stick together and produce music after the disbandment of Gfriend.

My favorite releases of January


Clearly the best release of this month for me. Everything speaks YENA – the energy, the sound & etc. The only thing I disliked was BIBI’s part. It just does not fit the energy of the song. Concept wise it’s great, flow of the song not so much.

Woo!ah! - Catch the Stars

I didn’t really love it when it first released, but that definitely changed at the end of the month. Woo!ah! has previously released bangers and maybe I had too high expectations for this comeback, but this one is a sleeper. Catch the Stars gets better and better each time I listen to it. 

AB6IX - 1, 2, 3

Thank god that there are some boy groups who do bright and fun concepts which get you in a good mood. The best part is that AB6IX actually makes good songs and that their concept is not for show. Get your dancing shoes and let’s dance to this song until tomorrow.

Yein - Plus n Minus

I love the vibe of this song. City pop isn’t really my taste, but sometimes there are songs that just are great no matter what genre it falls under and this is one of them. I’m excited to check out what Yein is going to release in the future. 

My favorite b-sides of January

YENA - Lxxk 2 U

An absolut bop~!! This is a contender to be the best side track of 2022 – no kidding. Yena showed everyone a different side of her and it blew my mind. I don’t believe I would have loved this song that much if it was released by someone else.

Kep1er - MVSK

I’m definitely one of those that think that this song deserved to be the title track, it’s unbelievably good and if Kep1er can keep releasing songs of this level then they will have me by the knees. This performance on Mnet doesn’t help either.

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