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BLACKPINK is back with an album release after almost 2 years. Their last release Lovesick Girls and THE ALBUM was amazing, adding even more iconic songs to their already stacked discography. Lovesick Girls was a fun song, and it’s expected that their next release Shut Down would be a more girl crush kind of song. BLACKPINK and YG Ent. has created an enormous expectation for their comeback due to how long it has taken them since their last release and they are known to only release bangers. Blinks are most likely excited and happy BLACKPINK are finally back releasing more songs. 

Didn’t impress me at all. The start of the song was interesting and intriguing, but the chorus and rest of the song was awful. There will be people who like and enjoy the song, but I don’t think it will sit well with a lot of people. The rap part sealed the song as a bad song, it’s so out of place and the song itself goes so many directions making it not enjoyable and confusing.

Big let down. It’s a decent song, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near where BLACKPINK has set the bar for themself. I would have prefered having Shut Down as the pre-releases instead of Pink Venom. This song flows better and is so much more enjoyable than Pink Venom with interesting instruments such as the violin, but it lacks intensity and is borderline boring. 

I would love for someone to explain the MV. Almost, if not every scene is paying homage to their former MV’s and their iconic scenes. Jennie’s shiny tank from DDU-DU DDU-DU, Lisa Rambo trash truck from BOOMBAYAH and so much more. I didn’t catch the message and the story they tried to tell, or if they even had one. Overall the MV was weak. Expensive yet lack of creativity. Every other MVs has scenes which are exciting and where people go crazy, but for Shut Down it feels like we have seen everything before, and we have.

I actually think this could have been the title track with some tweeks. I really like the vibe of the song and the attitude girls give off in this song. I especially love the pre-chorus with the piano and the organ, and overall the song is a BOP. I like the girl crush vibe and the innocent “church” organ gives off two whole different feelings.

Co-written by Rose and Jisoo, Yeah Yeah Yeah tells the story of falling in love with someone out of the blue and unsure if they like you back. Yeah Yeah Yeah has a happy synth-pop sound to it, making it totally different from the three first songs on the album. It’s a fantastic song and is perfect for people who like synths. 

Hard to Love is a solo song sung by Rose, and it’s a sad song with a disco beat, about being hard to love and that one should stay away if they don’t want to get hurt due lack of personal insecurities. The song is fully in English. It’s a great song, but definitely not my style of music. 

The song is about a breakup of a dysfunctional relationship and wanting to be happy. It’s a super slow sad song all-in English that is advocating towards all the sad people or those who just broke up. For me who is nowhere in that mood thinks this song is just like every other sad breakup song, but I actually enjoy the melody and it might be a song that I would listen to when I’m potentially in a sad mood.  

My favorite song on this album and is the only song that will make it to my main playlist for now. I love the message of the song, about not giving a fuck about what others think and say because no one is keeping count of what you do after a certain point anyway, and it also brings in that girls get more shit doing the same things that a fuckboys do. Tally is another fully English song, and is a slow pop rock song. 

I like most parts of the song, but I want to skip whenever the chorus drops and there is really no charm with the rest of the song. It was produced as a song to promote the mobile game PUBG. 

Overall 6.75/10

I had mixed feelings for the songs on this album. Most were amazing and good, but some especially those promoted songs did not fall in my taste and felt mid. DISCLAIMER – this is my subjective opinion on the songs and you are more than welcome to disagree. I will not throw shade towards those who did enjoy the songs that I didn’t like. BLACKPINK has previously released singles and albums in the 9s and 10s so this is still a great album even though it didn’t have the mindblowing and wow factor that the previous albums had. There is always the potential for the songs to grow even more on me. 

Did you enjoy the comeback and the album?

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