Bling Bling – oh MAMA

I did not have any plans checking out the teasers for the comeback and I was only going to check out the comeback when it came and maybe the album too, but I just checked out the teaser yesterday and it got me hooked. I was putting on anything or else I would listen to the teaser the whole day.

G.G.B was a good debut and I do not think many people took notice of them which is a little sad. 

I really like the song, but there is a part in the song I really do not like and that is the rap at 1:20. I do not like going on personal attacks, but that rap was really weird and almost outright bad.

At the same time I feel bad for her. I do not think she even had a part in G.G.B and has a very short 10 seconds in oh MAMA :/ 

The Spotify version is actually a lot better and the rap is a little clearer -_-’’

The rest of the song is really good and deserves some recognition. Yubin the center girl is actually killing it, but Narin is the one who got my attention the most.

How do you feel about the song and who is your bias?

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