Can you invest in Kpop cards?

Is it possible to make money investing in Kpop cards? Even though I would love the idea of both collecting and making money by buying and selling Kpop cards I do not believe it is possible. Flipping Kpop cards to make profit might work well and there are some resellers in the market already. The idea of investing in cards for the long term to expect the prices to increase does not work.

*This is no financial advice and its purpose is to only bring information about opportunities of investing. 

But there might be some ways to invest which doesn’t include scalping and flipping cards for fast profit. 

1. Investing in rookie groups

There are new Kpop groups who debut every year and no group is debuting with a solid fanase. Fans are sceptical of stanning a new group and each second they are hesitant is your chance to invest. 

Limited cards from the first year often go up in price since people do not like to use much money on a new group and as the popularity and the fanbase increases so does the price.

2. Polaroid

I believe investing in polaroids would be a great choice. There are a limited quantity of them and they are signed and each polaroid is one of a kind. The price will depend on the popularity of the group/member and how many polaroids the artist has given out. 

Going for rookie or less unknown groups and waiting til they are more established is probably the best play.

3. Entertainment Stocks

The safest way to invest in kpop is just to buy stocks or funds. All the big entertainment companies are on the stock market and everyone can buy a share of the companies. 

Companies to look into

  • JYP Ent. (TWICE, Stray Kids, ITZY, 2PM, Day6 and more)
  • SM Ent. (Shinee, EXO, NCT, Red Velvet, aespa and more)
  • Hybe Co. (BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN, SEVENTEEN, fromis_9 & NU’EST) 

4. Out-of-print 

I’m out of ideas on how to invest and this is more gambling than investing, but there is an opportunity to speculate if one album is going out-of-print and therefore the prices will increase. This is quite risky and you can end up just sitting on something that will never rise in price.

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