Weeekly – Play Game: AWARE | Album Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_sOWEje2mE&lc=Ugxz52TLqT022BhZdD94AaABAg Ven para 💙💙💙It’s so nice to see Weeekly promoting again, and I couldn’t be more happy for them. I already said my thoughts on the concept change, and I’m so not satisfied with IST’s reasoning and execution on the concept change. The song is actually good, but there are so many elements in the […]

NMIXX – AD MARE | Debut Album Review

JYP Entertainment is debuting a new girl group called NMIXX – I don’t feel the name yet, but I’m sure it will become better eventually. Whenever the big 3 debuts a new girl group I’m always intrigued and excited to see what they can bring to the table, but I’m a casual fan of girl […]

STAYC – YOUNG-LUV.COM | Album Review

STAYC is coming back with their 2nd mini-album YOUNG-LUV.COM. The album title is so weird, but I freaking luv it and it makes me laugh at how bizarre it is. The concept photos are stunning and I’m so intrigued by the photos. I love the concept photos with the balloon guns and the balloon tank […]

Apink HORN | Review

(Source twitter: @Apink_2011) It took 1 Year & 10 months for Apink to make their long-awaited comeback and they came back with a full album. Apink will promote as 5 without Naeun who has participated in the comeback and the album. Dilemma [Title Track]   💙💙💙Dilemma is about the dilemma of staying in an unhealthy […]

VIVIZ Beam Of Prism | Review

(Source: VIVIZ_official) BOP BOP! [Title Track]   💙💙💙💙💙The intro had me intrigued and it gave the song the potential to be something great. I wasn’t totally sold on the first listen, but the song was so good that I had to give a few more listens before I gave it my thoughts. The 2nd listen was […]

LOONA | [&]

Haseul is finally back with LOONA’s 4th mini album! Let’s go~! ^-^ I have only watched the first teaser for this comeback, so I don’t even know how many songs there are on the album. Nonetheless I’m super excited to watch the MV and listen to the album.  PTT (Paint The Town) 9/10The first part […]

TWICE | Taste of Love

Twice is back with their 10th mini album and it’s summer.  Alcohol-Free 6/10Twice does what they always do releasing solid addictive songs. All of them look absolutely stunning too. I love the whole chorus. It’s literally so addictive that I want to cry, but there is something about Twice title tracks that make me not […]

LIGHTSUM | Vanilla

Lightsum is finally debuting and I’m so excited for it. I like the mix of members and it will be quite exciting to see what each member can bring to the table.  Vanilla 7/10 The first listen – I was busy and I just skimmed through the mv. There was nothing in the song that […]

Woo!ah! | “WISH”

Woo!ah! have done a great job so far with woo!ah! and Bad Girl. Bad Girl is my favorite title track so far and my favorite song would be I Don’t Miss U. They are a girl group under NV Ent. and debuted in May 2020. SCAREDY CAT  8/10Really like the song, but I miss a […]

GWSN | The Other Side of the Moon

GWSN is finally back after a little over a year! Their last comeback Bazooka! was good. It didn’t catch me on the first listen, but it grew on me.  1. Burn (Song by MIYA, SEORYOUNG, ANNA, LENA)  2/10A slow edm track. I don’t know what to say. It just doesn’t work. 2. I Can’t Breath  […]