October Recap | Favorites, News & etc.

As many people know there was an absolut tragic event that unfolded in Seoul Saturday 29th, and this blog has taken a halt of posting posts as Korea announced the mourning period. This event affected me personally as it is a place I have spent a fair amount of time when I was in Korea. […]

September Recap | Favorites, News & etc.

There were not too many girl group releases this month. BLACKPINK and NMIXX was the only girl groups that had a comeback from the well known companies. BLACPINK’s pre-single Pink Venom and title track Shut down was disappointing considering how long it has been since their last release, but the rest of the album was […]

August Recap | Favorites, News & etc.

A late recap this month. I was not busy at all, but the month just went past so fast and I totally forgot to do a recap. We had a lot of exciting comebacks this month – Girls’ Generation, IVE, BLACKPINK and more. It’s fun to see Girls’ Generation staying strong after 15 years, and […]

July Recap | Favorites, News & etc.

The songs released this month have been so much better than the last, and I’m starting to get more into K-pop again. For me, good releases are key for me to continue to be interested in K-pop. We started this month with a bop Last Sequence, then we got Hurt by the new upcoming girl […]

May | Favorites, Listening, Reading & etc

LUNARSOLAR and HOT ISSUE have disbanded, LUNAR SOLAR this month on the 22nd and HOT ISSUE on April 22nd right before their 1 year anniversary. I really liked both of these groups and I had big hopes that they would survive the K-pop industry, but as a K-pop fan it’s hard to have insight on […]

April | Favorites

This has to be my worst month of listening to K-pop. There has been only one K-pop song this month that has catched my attention which I had on repeat for a period and that was Gahyeon Solo – Playground. Congratulations to Dreamcatcher for managing to get their first win during this comeback.  The sad […]

March | Favorites

I have barely enjoyed any Kpop releases this month, and have instead used the time to listen to my favorite releases from February. I also listened heavily to Todo de Ti by Rauw Alejandro and I was late to the party but I finally added DARARI by Treasure to my playlist. Weeekly made their comeback […]

February | Favorites

I spent the first part of the month waiting in excitement for Apink’s comeback, and while waiting I also discovered my favorite release of the month BOP BOP! Viviz’s new comeback took me off guard and I relived my early days with Gfriend which has slowly faded over the years. Apink finally made their comeback […]

| Best of January 2022 |

The first month of 2022 is gone. How are my readers doing and are you holding strong to your new year’s resolutions? I hope everyone is feeling great and ready to take on any challenges that 2022 might throw at you. It’s been a semi-good start for me. Nothing amazing has happened so far. I’m […]