UNIVERSE TICKET | SBS first K-Pop Survival Show

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlqLBdAdhSE SBS’s first idol survival show Universe Ticket is finally here. Two episodes have been released so far and I must say it’s been good so far. Universe Ticket is a survival show consisting of 82 contestants who will eventually become 8 which forms the final group. It’s basically like the Produce and Girls Planet, […]

SEVENTEEN | Your Choice

SEVENTEEN is probably one of my favorite boy groups who are active at the moment and I’m always excited to see them have a new comeback, but I actually have never listened to a whole album/minid¨å album by Seventeen before. I have only checked out the title track so today we are going to change […]

Girls Planet 999

So Mnet have decided to do another survival reality show named Girls Planet 999 and there already has been rumors about known idols to join the program. What is the show about?It’s basically the fifth season of the Produce series. I highly doubt there are going to be any big changes to the layout of […]

My Spotify Kpop Playlist

Today I’m Sharing my Spotify kpop playlist with you: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1p2JQfq2EBEP87FAyfmEDk?si=6432b76741e24e7f It’s 867 songs in the playlist. This playlist contains every song that I have enjoyed through my kpop journey and I have listened to every song in this playlist over a dozen times. Even though it’s 867 songs, I know every song. I’m quite picky […]