CSR – Sequence : 7272 | Debut Album Review

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I’m in a state of ecstasy, this is exactly what I have missed in K-pop for a long time. This early GFRIEND, Lovelyz & etc sound is something I have been longing for, and CSR is here to deliver to all the K-pop fans that have missed the innocent/youth concept. 

첫사랑(CSR) is a 7 member group under POPMUSIC, and uniquely only consists of members born in 05: Sua, Geumhee, Sihyeon, Seoyeon, Yuna, Duna & Yeham. They made their debut July 27 2022 with the mini album Sequence : 7272 and title track Pop? Pop!. CSR stands for first love – 첫사랑 (Cheot SaRang). 

A super cutesy song and overall a fantastic song. The chorus is my favorite part. It gives off an amazing youthfulness and warmth. 72.72Hz is a great way to start the album and sets the tone for what is to come. 

CSR’s debut title track is like a fresh breeze in this industry that has lately tended to debuting girl groups with girl crush & teen crush concepts, and it reminds me of the time when I first got into K-pop. I just love the super fun energy the song gives off and this is the kind of instrument & melody I missed listening to, and CSR serves it so beautifully. 

I freaking love the outfits they chose for the MV, and I probably (already) will love the outfit they choose for the music shows. The MV is definitely not cheap. I have no clue who POPMUSIC are, but they definitely gave a great budget for the MV and the debut.

It’s a fantastic song, but I just don’t vibe with it. I really like the chorus, but the verses felt really empty and boring. 

Overall an amazing song that sends you to another world. The chorus is freaking amazing, I just love the progression during the chorus. It’s a cute and fun song that you can bop your head to. 

A more laid back cute, fun and bright song. This is probably my least favorite song of the album, and I found it weird this is the b-side they choose to perform during their showcase. I would rather have seen Toi Et Moi, which I think would have given a great performance. Euratcha! is a solid song, but I’m struggling to find the charm in the song. 

Conclusion 8/10

A really strong debut album from a group that is under an unknown company. The top 3 songs are going straight to my playlist. I hope that this group survives the harsh and competitive industry, and that we get to hear more music from them. I have been watching most of their live performances and they have given me a great amount of happiness.

What are your thoughts on CSR’s debut?

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