LIGHTSUM – Into The Light | Album Review

LIGHTSUM is back~! and with a mini album. I’m quite excited to listen to what kind of b-sides they bring to us. Their last comeback had 2 b-sides, but it’s different when it’s a mini album and not a single album. Generally speaking artists tend to put more quality to mini albums than single albums (full album > mini album > single album). 

I really liked their debut song Vanilla, it was a great debut in my eyes, energetic and different vibe from what most girl groups have been debuting with. Vivace was a decent follow-up. I personally didn’t vibe with it. I didn’t like the transition between the two as they are quite different from each other, but it seems people are liking it more than Vanilla which is totally understandable.

I like the song, it’s a solid song where I don’t dislike any part of the song (Except maybe the short dance break). Alive is just my type of songs, fun and full of colors. The chorus is great, and the cheek pinch in the choreo is top tier. Even though I like the song, Sadly, I don’t think it’s going to boost LIGHTSUM’s career much. It lacks any sort of identity and is vastly different from their last comeback. 

It’s small, but I don’t understand the gray/black outfit in the MV and the non-vibrant basketball court. I don’t think it matches the song and it’s a weird feeling where what I see doesn’t match what I hear at all.

The start of the song had me intrigued and excited. The song never failed to let go of that feeling, and I never wanted the song to end. The whole song is perfection, from start to finish. I hope we do get a stage with this song, but it seems like Q is going to be the b-side who will be promoted on music shows due it was performed on the showcase. 

It’s such a lovely song, but as someone who isn’t attached to LIGHTSUM found it a little boring as I’m not familiar or attached to their voices. 

GOOD NEWS was maybe too little for me, Q is definitely too much for me. Personally, I’m not a fan of this song. 

OMG~!! The start was bait, here I thought we would get a standard slow/ballad song, but it becomes so much more interesting when the pre-chorus and the chorus hits. I don’t think I have listened to something like this in K-pop before, and Bye Bye Love is a pleasant surprise.

Overall 💙💙💙💙

I actually went into the album with the mindset of finding only mediacore songs, but the title track Alive was great, and the b-sides i and Bye Bye Love were amazing so I’m really happy with this album from LIGHTSUM and I hope we will get more amazing stuff from them in the future. 

The direction that Cube has set for LIGHTSUM has been super weird, we went from Vanilla (super bright & cute) to Vivace (IZ*ONE majestic vibe) and now to Alive (Generic girl group style). It’s really hard to identify what LIGHTSUM’s sound is, and most people want consistency. LIGHTSUM will not thrive if Cube continues to release a different sound each comeback.

Which song from the album is your favorite?

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