I have only been gone for around a month, but it does feel like a long time and I’m finally back to writing posts again. I just came back home from a 2 weeks holiday in Bali, which was quite eventful in a really unexpected way. I had a great time. Bali is a beautiful place to visit and the temperature was perfect. Warm but not too hot.

Besides the holiday, I have been on a K-pop break. This year of K-pop has not been to my liking at all and I’m just waiting for a wave of amazing comebacks to swave me back. We also have the departure of Jiyoon from Weeekly, and disbandments of HOT ISSUE and LUNARSOLAR. Two groups who made music that I truly enjoyed, and I had big hopes of them succeeding in this competitive industry. 

WJSN just released a banger of a comeback and it might be my K-pop savior.

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