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Everglow is back with their 3rd Single album and they looked absolutely stunning in the teasers. I didn’t think we would have a comeback before Yena joined the team and I really believe that she will join Everglow eventually, but I’m getting more and more pestimitsk as the days go by. 

FIRST 4/10
For me this is a miss. Everglow have only made bangers so far, but I really think this one is a miss. I don’t know what to say. The song isn’t bad, but I don’t find it extremely good or interesting. After some listens I was only waiting for E:U’s rap. 

The MV was incredibly boring… There must have been some restrictions around the MV (Time, Lockdown etc.) and it’s not like Yuehua Ent. didn’t invest a good amount of money in it either like the post production is insane. 

It simply doesn’t match the energy from the song.

Laid back song and fits really well for the summer. Didn’t expect Everglow to release a song like this and it surprised me. I actually really like it. 

I like that they tried something new, but it doesn’t work for me. 

Album & Concept 
I actually really like the concept and whoever did the photoshoot needs a raise. They look fantastic and this is my 2nd favorite album aesthetically with Hush at 1st. I’m glad they went away from the last packaging. That was so bad and I feel sorry for all the Everglow fans. There is a Floating Hologram Kit included in the album. It looks interesting. I have never seen one before. 

What do you think of the album?

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