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There wasn’t too much I was excited for this month. I was really only excited to see Lightsum’s debut and Loona’s comeback, that’s it. It doesn’t seem like this month is going to be much better either, but it is nice to have a break from really heavy months. 

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1. Ready to love – Seventeen

I fricking love this song! It’s something I didn’t think Seventeen would use as a title track and it does not sound like a Seventeen song, but I love the song regardless. 

2. PTT (Paint The Town) – LOONA

It just got released and I love it. The whole song is a masterpiece except for the beat drop. It’s definitely my favorite Loona title song so far. 

3. Make it – 2PM

It’s nice to see 2PM have a comeback and they didn’t disappoint at all. Having a 2nd gen group doing a 2nd gen song is wonderful and it brings so much nostalgia. 

4. Vanilla – LIGHTSUM

Really like the song, but as a debut I’m still contemplating on if it’s a good or a decent debut.  

5. Alcohol-Free – TWICE

Every time Twice has a comeback it really doesn’t disappoint, but at the same time it doesn’t amaze me either. They just make really solid songs that the general public like.  

6. B.I – illa illa 
7. Yugyeom – All Your Fault
8. EXO – Don’t fight the feeling

Songs that I added in my playlist this month

• 2PM – Make it
• LIGHTSUM – Vanilla
• LOONA – PTT (Paint The Town)
• SEVENTEEN – Ready to love

What is your favourite release of the month?

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