Favorite Kpop Songs | May 2021

Here are my top kpop songs for the month of May. This is where I listen to all the title tracks released this month and make a list over who liked the best. This is the most biased list you will see. I’m a big fan of girl groups and not that much of boy groups, so if you wonder why there are so many gg’s that is why. 

Here is the list of songs I have listen to: https://www.reddit.com/r/kpop/wiki/upcoming-releases/2021/may

1. 7Days Tension – Weeekly 

Hmm…. Not biased at all ^^ I didn’t have any expectations for this song and I wouldn’t be sad if this was a real comeback because it’s really good. I love literally everything: the song, the mv, the outfits. This is my all time favorite cf song with Hello Bubble by Girl’s Day.


This song is so good. Everyone one of them slayed this concept and mad props to them. The mv story was really cool and it’s nice to see a story type mv.

3. Loop – Harrianne

I love this song and I’m so glad I found this song. Listening to her voice is really soothing and comforting. I hope more people check it out and give her a chance.

4. WE GO – Fromis_9
5. Like it Hot – GWSN
Genius – D.ark feat. Changmo
Once upon a time – W24
Bloom – Moonbit
Oh MAMA – Bling Bling
10. Hot Sauce – NCT Dream
11. Next Level – Aespa
12. Son of Beast – TO1

Songs that I added in my playlist this month

• D.Ark (feat. Changmo) – GENIUS
• Everglow – DON’T ASK DON’T TELL
• Fromis_9 – WE GO
• GWSN – Like It Hot
• Harrianne – Loop
• Moonbit – Bloom
• Pixy – Greedy
• Pixy – Insomnia
• Weeekly – 7Days Tension
• W24 – Once upon a time

What is your favourite song of the month?

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