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I spent the first part of the month waiting in excitement for Apink’s comeback, and while waiting I also discovered my favorite release of the month BOP BOP! Viviz’s new comeback took me off guard and I relived my early days with Gfriend which has slowly faded over the years. Apink finally made their comeback after almost two years since their last release Dumdurum. They released a full-album HORN and their title track Dilemma, which I wasn’t the biggest fan of, but I still enjoyed the comeback and have watched every music show performance and almost everything they have released during the promotion.

The second half of the month was spent on looking forward to Weeekly’s new comeback that will be on 7th March, and casually checking out the new releases that dropped on the way. Mnet dropped the line-up for the new season of Queendom, and I didn’t expect much, but now I’m quite excited for Queendom 2. The line-up: Brave Girls, HYOLYN, Kep1er, LOONA, VIVIZ & WJSN. I wrote a post on my prediction on which song will be performed and which song I want to see on Queendom 2

Here is a list of releases this month by Reddit r/kpop

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Favorite releases of February

They did not lie because the song is a BOP 2x!! I loved absolutely everything about the re-debut, and this is the perfect example to restart a career. The girls are freaking stunning, and I have never seen Umji shine as much as she did here.

Taeyeon showed off her sophistication and her delicate elegance. The wordplay of INVU was unexpected (I eNVy U) and quite smart, I have never heard it. INVU was the perfect title track to release the album on! It made me check the album with no hesitation.

Not the Apink comeback I expected, but weirdly found interesting. Hayoung’s pre-chorus is actually holy, and it’s what saves the song for me, but it definitely needed some re-listens. The style and outfits were gorgeous and stunning, and is something that the Apink members definitely don’t lack. 

BOP BOP! is my favorite title track release so far this year, and I had so much fun following their debut and promotion. Their album is filled with amazing songs, and I recommend anyone that is a Gfriend fan or anyone at all to check it out. I wasn’t expecting much of Taeyeon’s comeback. She occentianly drops songs I absolutely love, but her latest releases have not been to my taste at all. BUT… INVU is truly amazing. The song itself tells a wonderful and tragic story, and Taeyeon makes the song so much better with her exceptional voice. I honestly did not know which song to add to the last spot – all other songs had little impact on me and they were very little memorable, so I went super subjective and added Dilemma.

Favorite b-sides of February

It has something that the title track lacked, the Apink sound. Even though I can’t say that the title track doesn’t have Apink’s identity in it, Free & Love have no shortage of it and I love it. An amazing lighthearted song that I can have on replay for a long period.

Tweet Tweet is the perfect song to let go of everything on your mind and let your body take over. Daily stress and anything bothering the mind can be cleansed by this song. It wasn’t my favorite b-side on the album at first, but somehow it came creeping up in my list.

Somehow the song hit kinda hard to be a slow song, and it freaking works so well. The production is fire and the vocals are on point. The album definitely redeemed the title track for me, and there are so many good songs on the album.

What did you think of February?

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