Funny Kpop Songs

This is my list of quirky, fun and super weird kpop songs. Kpop was known to the west for having some super weird songs before it became what it’s today and it was one of the charms of kpop. There are so many weird gems in kpop so I’m definitely not capable of covering everything ^^ 

Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar 

Perfect song to start with Jumping Ye Jumping Ye Everbody!! Crayon Pop debuted in 2012 and is known to have some really weird songs as Uh-Ee and my personal favorite FM. Literally everything is fun and weird. The song is weird. The outfits with the helmets are weird. The dance is weird and fun. 

Orange Caramel – Cattalena

Orange Caramel is a subunit of the girl group After School. The mv of this song makes it 100 times better. The storyline is about three girls who want to be like the popular girl and then discover that they don’t want to be like the popular girl and that they love themself. Their way of showing this message is ridiculous and funny. At first glance it is just a weird mv that makes no sense, but the more you watch it the more it makes sense. 

2PM – Go Crazy

This song screams let’s go crazy and have fun. The choreography is the dumbest thing, it’s so quirky and fun.   

T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep

I don’t know what to say other than it’s fun, it’s iconic. On broadcast they even wore cat paw gloves and cat ears: Music Core 2009

PSY – Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style is the pinnacle of kpop. I’m so glad this song exists and it has 4 billion views on youtube which is crazy. He still does this type concept with songs like Gentleman and New Face.

Hitchhicker – 11 (ELEVEN)  

The song and the mv speaks for itself 🙂

BIGBANG&2NE1 – Lollipop

This is the first song that introduced me to the quirky and fun side of kpop. The YG group BIGBANG and 2NE1 came together to release this banger. It’s the best of both worlds. 

CocoSori – Dark Circle

A song for the broccoli lovers. Two girls in latex dresses trying to make a broccoli man who is a playboy fall in love with them to prevent them from getting dark circles around their eyes. It’s a perfect mv story, nothing can top this.

Block B – Her 

How can you be sad when this song exists? It’s only happy vibes here. Zico and the ostrich duo 

Red Velvet – Power Up

Ba-banana ba-ba-banana-nana. If you can be in a bad mood while listening to this song then idk, because I can’t. This is the newest song on the list and I wonder what is going to happen when Red Velvet eventually split up. Who is going to keep doing the fun and quirky concepts?

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