Girl Crush Concept Overrated? – Where Have The Cute/Innocent Groups Gone

IVE (Source: Starship Ent.)

The girl crush/teen crush concept is everywhere. Is the time right to bring back the cute innocent concept?

I’m just done watching girl groups debuting with another girl crush/teen crush concept. Where are the legendary debuts like Lovelyz, Girls’ Generation, Apink, Oh My Girl, Gfriend & etc. I need more of those. The girl crush/teen crush have been dominating the Kpop scene for the past few years and I’m so ready to bring back the cute/innocent concept. Especially for newer groups who are debuting.

My problem with girl groups debuting with a girl crush/teen crush concept it’s that there is no sense of development. One of the enjoyment of following a group in Kpop is to see how much a group has grown since their debut and to follow along their side to success. F.eks. Seeing how far Apink has developed and matured since their debut is fantastic. It’s been a wonderful journey to witness and experience as a fan. The same goes as for most other cute/innocent groups. I can’t imagine where groups like Itzy, Blackpink, Aespa & Ive will grow much more. Every new song feels like a new version of their old song. It seems that companies with groups with girl crush/teen crush are afraid to do something else and new. They are forever stuck in the girl crush/teen crush concept and they will never start a new chapter in their journey.

Cute/innocent debuts always felt like a group starting with blank pages. Ive’s debut didn’t feel like a debut, they are already great and their music is like they have been in the industry for some time. “Eleven” didn’t feel fresh or new. It was indeed an amazing song though, but I don’t think I will be amazed on how far Ive evolved since their debut in a few years. 

Twice didn’t have a spectacular debut and they are still one the most popular groups. They have evolved so much since then and the journey has made people fall in love with them. When Twice debuted with “ooh ahh” they had a lot of potential of becoming something much greater, but the newer groups will debut with a banger and then the potential for development is smaller. The excitement of seeing how much one group has evolved since their last comeback is gone. Every new group is at their peak.

How do you feel, do you like the state the Kpop is in right now? 

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