Girls Planet 999 [Ep.1 Recap/thoughts]

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Finally we get to see the 99 girls in action~! To be honest I was not too excited about this, the only girl that slightly got my attention in the run up to the show was Suyeon. I have been working quite a lot and in addition to that I have been enjoying Weeekly’s wonderful comeback. 


  • I do quite like the girls. Most of them seemed nice and I ended up rooting for more people than I participated. After watching the 1st. episode I was sad about the thoughts there is only going to be 9 who will eventually form the final group.
  • Cell is a hilarious weird concept and I do not like it at all. There are more than enough factors for the contestants to think about. It is an individuelle competition with some teamwork for the performing part, and then adding another element that the contestants have to worry about is just weird. There are just going to be too many factors on your own survival that you can not control? I hope they drop it. 

   Imagine one of three people just has a bad day then the other two are going to suffer, like what~~~~~!!??

  • Ranks on the first day are also really weird. I do not know why they added this. It’s only going to make some weird/false narrative and it really doesn’t add anything for me as a viewer either. 

Performance 1 [C Group – Rumour]

Xiaoting [1], Ruowei [24], Xingqiao [26], Hsinwei [33]


Xiaoting absolutely killed it and she really showed why she is 1st in the C Group and I hope we get to see great things from her. 

Ruowei and Xingqiao were both underwhelming. 

And now the weird narrative – Hsinwei who is the “worst” ranked person from C Group got a super good narrative from Mnet and that narrative just got intensified by the fact that rankings were shown. If this was a normal episode of Produce I would not be this interested in Hsinwei as I am at this moment. I would never have known that she was scored the lowest by the mentors and that she already showed improvements from before the show until the first episode. To be honest Mnet got me hooked and I’m interested in how she will do moving forward, but I still find it super weird with the rankings. 

Performance 2 [J Group – Fancy]

Yume [04], Yurina [09], Ririka [14], Yuna [24], Hana [28]


The performance was meh and no one stood out except for Yurina. Yume being ranked number 4 in J Group makes me think that she has more to show. 

Performance 3 [K Group – Black Mamba]

Yunji [07], Chaehyun [23], Jeongmin [30]


Overall a good performance. Yunji was the highest ranked girl and she showed nothing much. She was good, but there was nothing standing out for her. Chaehyun and Jeongmin did a better job and it’s sad to see Chaehyun having that one minimal slip up. All in all Jeongmin got what she deserved and those other two there is a lot of time to show off your talent. 

Performance 4 [K Group – Kick It]

Youngeun [10], Jia [22]


I did not expect that from their introduction. They absolutely killed it and the result made me outright happy. Jia’s reaction was wonderful. 

Performance 5 [J Group – DUMDi DUMDi]

Mashiro [2], Nagomi [17]


Mashiro definitely showed off her skills and Nagomi did a good job keeping up with Mashiro. I strongly believe that Nagomi greatly benefited from partnering up with Mashiro. Their performance was great. 

Performance 6-8 [J Group]

They only showed some glimpses of these performances on the episode and for good reasons. There was literally nothing that stood out in these performances.

Moana [3]

Credits to her for performing alone, but her singing was not particularly good and the dancing showed very little enthusiasm.

Hug U

Risako [7], H. Fuko [8], Miu [15], K. Miyu, Manami [32]

Under-average performance. 


Ayana [11], Ruan [29]

They were equally not good ^-^’ 

Performance 9 [J Group – Boombayah]

Hikaru [1], Shana [6], Kotone [10], Rei [16]


Definitely one the best performances on episode 1.

Performance 10 [K Group – POP/STARS]

Dayeon [1], Yeyoung [2], Suyeon [19]


I think Yeyoung showed an underwhelming performance. She wasn’t bad, but she just didn’t stand out in any way. Glad to see Suyeon getting the top9 candidate. She was one I was most looking forward to in the show. I think Dayeon should have gotten the top9 candidate too. 

Performance 11 [K Group – Crazy]

Yeseo [13], Chaeyun [17], Sein [24], Myah [27]


Probably my favorite performance from episode 1. You can see that they absolutely give 100% in their performance and I’m happy with the result. They fully deserve it.  

Performance 12 [C Group – Hmph]
Jiao [31], Qiao [32]


What an adorable performance. The twins are so cute and I hope they can improve a lot. 

Performance 13 [C Group – Wannabe]

Cheukying [3], Tammy [4], Yiman [11], Wingchi [20], Shuyun [29]


Chaotic performance and lack of enthusiasm from the girls. 

Performance 14-16 [C Group]

They only showed some glimpses of these performances on the episode and for good reasons. There was literally nothing that stood out in these performances.


Yale [13], Shiqi [17], Yuling [27]


Nientzu [8], Szeching [22]


Yuhan [18], Chenhan [30]

Performance [C Group – Helicopter]

Wenzhe [5], Ching [6], Yaning [7], Chiayi [12], Bing [28]


Overall it was an okay performance. Personally I liked Chiayi and Bing. I think they did a great job. The drama between Yaning and Yujin is cringe, that is all I have to say. I’m all in for some trash talking, but this is just……………. -_- 

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