Girls Planet 999 Ep.10 [Recap/thoughts]

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Ruan, Yujin, Manami, Bahiyyih, Myah, Hsinwei & Ririka

I love this song and the girls did an amazing performance. They had their struggles and they worked hard to overcome them as a team. I had so much fun watching the performance and I am really proud of all of them. This was their debut song and they killed it. 

Ruan did an amazing job. I love the intro and her performance. It’s hard to imagine that she would not have been here without the planet pass and I hope she survives to the next round because I want to see more of her. 

Yujin the leader who led this team to a fantastic performance and she did great job as the main vocal. The mid check-up did not scare me. She is experienced and she knows how to climb obstacles. 

Manami was quite invisible in this performance, but that does not mean she was bad. She just had very little screen time and her lines were slim. I don’t think this will affect her ranking too much since she has already established herself quite well amongst the fans.

Bahiyyih did a splendid job. I have not been super positive towards Bahiyyih since I personally think there are other contestants who deserve her place. I do not blame her for that because she has nothing to do with it. Besides my biased agenda I really liked her performance. I can see that she has improved a lot and she can definitely become a powerhouse in the future. 

Myah has the it factor. If there is one girl from this show who has the it factor, it’s her. I don’t even have her in my TOP9, but I just feel like she has everything to succeed in the entertainment industry. She is like the younger Yena to me. 

Hsinwei just keeps improving. It is so much fun watching her perform. 

Ririka please debut. She has not had a lot of focus outside the performances, but every performance she does is solid. She is 3th. pick and I really hope that she can debut. 

Yeseo, Bora, Chaehyun, Xingqiao & Yurina

The song itself is amazing, the performance on the other hand was not. It was a lovely performance which had some great moments and not so good moments. I was so close to being perfect.

Yeseo does the center parts so efficiently and wouldn’t surprise me if she becomes the center of the final group. She hasn’t had any bad performances so far in the show. 

Bora I don’t know what to say about her. She is a great singer and her teamwork is on a top level. She kinda has an unfair advantage in my opninion. 

Chaehyun I am sad that she didn’t perform to the level that we know she can. She just needs to come back stronger next time. 

Xingqiao has not impressed me a lot and does another not so good performance. 

Yurina is where she belongs. I can’t say for sure, but it seems she is enjoying having a layback position. She beat herself too much when trying for important roles. She gave a solid performance. 

Suyeon, Youngeun, Shana, May, Mashiro, Xinyu & kotone

This team showed great teamwork and chemistry. I loved watching this team’s interactions. They did an amazing job with the performance and they had all three of the planet pass girls. The song was great. They definitely deserved to win and the only performance who was close to beat them was Shoot! 

Suyeon needs to stop doubting herself. It’s painful to see a girl with such an amazing talent not believing in herself. She did a great job adapting to the new group. Her performance was top tier and I haven’t had the time to watch her fancam yet, but I bet it’s going to be amazing and I will probably watch it on repeat. Suyeon is my 1st pick and I hope that she can get herself in the final group. I will support her all the way. 

Youngeun keeps doing what she always has done. She does everything flawlessly and she is literally an ace. I can’t say she is lacking in any aspect. 

Shana does another amazing performance. I mean if she or Suyeon does not get in the final group I’m out. Probably not, but they are the two I really support in this show. I love the Shana & Suyeon interaction and it’s the reason I watch the show. 

May got a huge role and she delivered. She had a good amount of lines which was great to see and it’s something that she usually doesn’t get. 

Mashiro looked elegant. I feel like this is her element. Her performance oozed elegance and confidence. 

Xinyu had a minimal amount of lines and screen time. She did a great job, but I think it’s going to be hard for her to survive to the next round even with the benefit. 

Kotone suffers the same as Xinyu. No lines and screen time, she also did a great job. 

Xiaoting, Yaning, Dayeon, Ruiqi, Wenzhe, Cai Bing & Hikaru 

First I don’t like the song at all. It’s just don’t find it interesting and it’s the only song from this mission I did not put in my playlist. 

Xiaoting rarely does anything bad. She had a not so decent mid check-up, but managed to come back stronger. I’m 100% sure that she will be in the final lineup. Anything else would be scandalous. 

Yaning is a weird one. Her performances have been up and down. I really like how she has taken a step back and let other people have control. 

Dayeon did great and the masters gave good compliments to her. 

Ruiqi is done. Oh the drama. I have disliked Ruiqi ever since the The Eve performance. She is a greedy cry baby and it really showed in this episode. Her attitude does not belong in a group and I will not be happy if she makes it to the final lineup. If she wants to become an idol/singer she needs to do it solo because she has shown zero teamspirit. I could probably go more in detail, but I will leave it for now. 

Wenzhe has shown great performances and this was as great as the previous, but she just does not stand out for me. She has shown a great variety of concepts which is better than most other contestants. 

Cai Bing did a decent performance. She did not make any mistake that I caught and the masters said nothing either, but she was quite invisible. 

Hikaru was on fire. She had the Rapper 2 position and she stood out more than Cai Bing. Hikaru is great at making small details/moves that catches attention and it makes her stand out. 

Who did you like the most in the Creation Mission?

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