Girls Planet 999 Ep.11 3rd Elimination Round

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I did not have any prediction before this elimination round and all I hoped for was that Suyeon and Shana went through to the next round which did happen. 

The final result isn’t too surprising. I kinda expected that the koreans contestants would be more spread out in terms of votes and therefore would have a higher % of girls to survive. That is only because of how the voting structure was set up. Other than that I kinda expected J group to have more survivors than C group, but it didn’t happen that way and it could just be that I don’t particularly have strong liking for C group contestants other than Xiaoting. 

Before anyone said that I have fallen for Mnet’s editing just nah. Mnet has done nothing on how I view the chinese contestants. Very few Chinese contestants have had consistent good performances. 

26. Cai Bing
Expected and surprising. It was expected to see Cai Bing drop and most likely be eliminated, but is surprising to see her dead last. She took a big hit during the Salute and I feel some people took it too far. Her leadership was bad and she kinda didn’t want to take responsibility for own mistakes by blaming it on other things. I must say I was quite frustrated in the next mission when she applied again for the leader position, but she quickly got a reality check by the other contestants. Cai Bing is not a bad person, but she showed a bad quality of leadership and responsibility which are two things that could be quite easily fixed and does not necessarily make a person a bad human being. Another factor for her low rank could be that her performances haven’t been amazing except for Helicopter and maybe Salute. 

25. Myah (Planet Pass)
First I was surprised to see Myah this low, but the more I think about it makes some sense since the K group is highly competitive. I personally believe that she should make it to the final lineup. She is literally an ace and she has the it factor. I was in no doubt that Myah was going to be the one they chose for the Planet Pass. 

24. Kotone
This was expected. She did great with the VVS performance and it is also why she got the Planet Pass last elimination round, but I don’t think a lot of fans took notice of Kotone and in the YOU+ME=LOVE she was quite non-existent.  

23. May
She was on the verge of elimination last time so her chances this time were slim. I thought maybe the benefit she won would make her closer to surviving, but it did not seem like it helped at all. May have done nothing but good performances and she was amazing in the Fate performance. 

22. Xinyu
Xinyu follows the same path that Kotone has. Did great in the Combination Mission therefore got the Planet Pass and then was non-existent in YOU+ME=LOVE. I don’t feel like it was their fault. The song wasn’t strongly suited for the rappers. 

21. Ririka
I really liked Ririka and I hoped that she would survive. She has nothing but amazing performances on the show. Ice cream was fantastic and everyone in that team stood out and for Shoot! she also did amazing. I think the general public don’t fancy the really cute ones. 

On a side note. I think it is highly possible that Ririka will debut in Korea in the future. She is currently under FCENM which is a Korean entertainment company. I don’t know if FCENM has any plans to debut a girl group, but she could be snatched from other companies that want her in their groups. 

20. Manami
Manami on the beat Ya! I had high hopes for Manami. She ended up as the 5 fifth J group contestant in the last elimination round and had good chances making it through this time. She has displayed a good amount of talent and did the whole rap arc in We are. Sad to see her go, but I hope that we can see more of her in the future.

Manami on the beat Ya!
     - Nagai Manami

19. Ruan
Imagine she didn’t get the Planet Pass during the first elimination round. We wouldn’t have seen her amazing performances in Ice cream and Shoot! I definitely wanted to see more of Ruan and I will 100% follow her journey outside the show. 

18. Hsinwei
Yooooooo~~~ the announcement when she got eliminated. She couldn’t bear herself to say anything and she cried. That moment was sad and powerful. She managed to say her words at the end when it all was over and it was fantastic. Hsinwei has improved a lot through the program and her potential could even be higher. She has brought a good amount of funny and great moments in the show. 

17. Suyeon
I’m so happy for Suyeon. My top pick throughout the show. A girl with a lot of talent. She needs to start believing in her talent and herself then she will definitely exceed her own expectations. I live for Suyeon & Shana moments. Great girls who support each other. 

16. Xingqiao 
Xingqiao hasn’t impressed me once. She seems like she has talent, but there hasn’t been one performance of her that has been outstanding. It feels like I’m waiting on a flower to flourish, but it never happens. 

15. Bora
Beside my personal agenda against Cherry bullet members being in the show she has done amazing and she deserves it. Bora shows great leadership multiple times and she is super talented. 

14. Wenzhe
She has shown great performances and done different types of concepts. Wenzhe has brought a lot of relief and humour to the show and the girls.

13. Bahiyyih
Bahiyyih is quite popular. Her performances have been decent and she has been steadily improving from each performance. 

12. Yeseo
I’m afraid that Yeseo won’t make it to the final lineup. She has shown many incredible performances and it seems like people admire her talent, but few have her as their number 1 pick.  

11. Chaehyun
Personally I hope she will make it to the final lineup and I think there is a good chance that will happen. I won’t be surprised to see her not make it either so it’s going to be super interesting to see how the final lineup is going to be. 

10. Ruiqi
Ruiqi already dropped from 6th to 10th so I definitely think she is going to drop the same way as Cai Bing. Her attitude was awful and it’s going to 100% affect her rank. I never liked her. I think she is a greedy person who doesn’t live up to the expectations. 

9. Youngeung
I have never been on the Kick it train and never made a real opinion on Jia and Youngeun, but Youngeun really caught my attention in My House. Her performance in YOU+ME=LOVE was also very enjoyable and I have no objections if she makes it to the final group. 

8. Yaning
It’s quite surprising to see Yaning so high. There should be zero people from the west that would be voting for her so most of her votes are from China. For people who don’t, Yaning is quite problematic and you can probably find more info on it. Objectively her Mafia in the morning performance was great and is probably why she has seen a little boost. 

7. Shana
Let’s go~~~!! I’m all for Shana. She and Suyeon are my two top picks and actually hope that both of them will make it. Shana definitely deserves to debut. She has shown a great display of talent and all of her performances have been top tier. 

6. Yurina
It will be a huge upset if Yurina doesn’t make it to the final lineup. She has been great on the show so far and she has very few flaws. 

5. Yujin
My view on Yujin is that she does literally what is expected of her. I believe she is the most experienced one and I think it is somehow unfair to compare her to the other contestants. 

4. Hikaru
Hikaru is great and has shown nothing but good performances. 

3. Mashiro
Mashiro caught my attention a little during Fiesta and ever since she has skyrocketed in terms of popularity. 

2. Dayeon
Dayeon has fought her way to the top. She has been met with a lot of setbacks, but she has worked hard and proven her place in the show. Being top 1 or 2 doesn’t really matter and she will definitely be in the final group.  

1. Xiaoting
My prediction is that she will be the only Chinese person in the final lineup. Other than that she definitely deserves being 1st.

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