Girls Planet 999 [Ep.3 Recap/thoughts]

[There will be spoilers in this post]

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Yes or Yes Performance

Team 1 
Hyerim, Jiwon, Chaehyun, Moana, Yiman, Ayana, Chiayi, Sumomo & Yuling


I really liked this team. Their teamwork was great. Hyerim & Jewon took charge of the team and they were a little too fast when going through decisions and in the practice, but Chaehyun had great courage to speak up for the others and kept the team well together. 

The performance was amazing. The energy was high and there were no mistakes either. Everyone did their part extremely well. I really liked Moana in this performance and I’m probably going to give my votes to her moving forward. I’m also extremely proud of Hyerim. I have been rooting for her since her appearance in Kpop star 6. 

Team 2
Doah, Sein, Ririka, Wenzhe, Ziyin, Risako, Cheukying, Momoko & Chaeyun

I laughed so loud when they were choosing which song they were going to take. Wenzhe’s confidence was admirable. I found the section before this performance weird. Mnet’s ability to make Sein a really bad person and make it seem that she threw the performance is astonishing. My personal opinion is that this really lacked teamwork. To me it seemed like no one wanted to win and only focused on themselves. I understand Ziyin’s and Wenzhe’s frustration around Sein, but all they did was complain about her and did not put much effort in giving her help. I find it almost disgusting that some people have to put Sein down by making comments and posts saying she is rude and laughs at her. Yes, she was immature and inconsiderate toward the other teammates, but at the same time she is 16 and she had a major part in the performance as a Main Vocal. It was probably mentally draining for a 16 year old girl to be in a new environment and not be up to par with her standards. Mnet showed that she was sleeping in training, but we don’t know if she had 8 hours or 2 hours of sleep the night before. Some people thrive in a new environment like Myah who is the youngest contestant (I think) on the show, but people have different reactions and Sein had the opposite reaction then what Myah had. 

The performance was great. I don’t think anyone really stood out beside Ririka ^-^* 

The team with the better teamwork won. I’m absolutely happy with the result. Not only did Team 1 show great teamwork they also delivered a top tier performance. 

How You Like That Performance

Team 1
Yujin, Xiaoting, Cai Bing, Xia Yen, Yeongyung, Vivienne, Youngeun, May & Yurina

Team 2
Rinka, Jia, Dayeon, Tzuling, Moka, Xinyu, Seungeun, Miu & Tammy

Idk what to say about these two performances. There were some girls that really stood out, but the performances as a whole were not that good. I kinda mentally just skipped these two performances. None of the girls really got my attention and none of the girls in these two teams are in my TOP9.

How do you feel about the show so far?

I think a lot of people feel the shows pacing is too fast and I have to 100% agree on this.

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