Girls Planet 999 Ep.4 [Recap/thoughts]

[There will be spoilers in this post]

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Fiesta Performance

Team 2
Shuyun, Yubin, Kyara, Nientzu, Bahiyyih, Shihona, Qiuru, Jimin & Miyu

Personally I found it very exciting to see Jimin and Nientzu perform. I think Jimin did a phenomenal job as a center. 

The section before the performance was really weird. Did they really not have anything more interesting to show other than Miyu over practicing her high note til the point where she can’t sing it anymore.The section before the performance was really weird. Did they really not have anything more interesting to show other than Miyu over practicing her high note til the point where she can’t sing it anymore. After the performance the mentors only gave one comment to Miyu and that was it. Hello~? I really wanted to hear what the mentors had to say about the performance, but instead it just cuts -_-’ 

Mnet did not care about this team at all. 

Team 1
Xingqiao, Yeseo, Mashiro, Wingchi, Sunwoo, Nagomi, Hsinwei, Yeyoung & Reina 

Flawless performance! I’m quite happy to see Xiangqiao really improve a lot, like holy this girl has improved. Not only did she improve, but the confidence she is showing in the performance is on another level. 

Team 1 clearly deserved to win. They were overall better than team 2.

The fifth season Performance

Team 2 
Meixiu, Rayeon, Fuka, Szeching, Haeun, Miyu, Qiao, Joungmin & Fuko

It’s sad to see that they lacked confidence. It might have been much better if they started to believe in themselves. A lot of credit to Rayeon who led them and to everyone else who worked hard and improved. 

Team 1
Luofei, Bora, Hana, Jiao, Hyewon, Manami, Changching, Sion & Hina

Really well executed performance. I have to agree with the mentors about them not being focused in the beginning of the song. Some really looked uneased and stiff in the beginning. Other than that it was really good. 

Personally it was sad to see Hyewon not being shown a whole lot. Her main part of the song got overshadowed by Bora’s highnote. I think she delivered a fantastic performance and the song really fits her. I hope she can get her spotlight in the future 😀

I’m not surprised to see team 2 take the win. I feel bad for team 1 because they did a great job and most of the members were in the lower ranks.

E.B.S Performance

Mic Drop
Yale, Jeongmin, Ayaka, Chenhan, Dana, Yuna, Yuhan, Hyerin & Rinka

From having zero confidence in a song where confidence is 99% of the song to show great improvement and confidence. I think they killed it. They did an awesome job and they really crushed any expectation. 

Pretty U
Shiqi, Yeeun, Ruan, Yizhou, Yunji, Yume, Zige, Myah & Kotone

Yunji showed great teamwork by giving the center part to Myah and Myah absolutely killed it. Everyone showed great energy and I really enjoyed the performance. 

The Eve
Rouwei, Dayeon, Rei, Yaning, Suyeon, Shana, Ruiqi, Jiyoon & Hikaru

I have a lot of things to say about this team and the performance. So Dayeon chose to speak to the mentors about how the parts were decided and felt it was unfair and that most got a part they didn’t want. The mentors and the fellow team members were not happy. I understand it is not fun to be thrown under the bus by someone in the same team, but I think Dayeon had some great courage to speak up and I don’t think the result would have been the same if it was taken up in the group. I think Yaning’s leadership was bad. Her decision to have one member to try for only 1 part each and if you didn’t get that part you would get the last part was terrible. Her mind was already set on that was the way to choose the parts and did not take consideration for others to have something to say about it and then went “How would I know if they don’t say anything”. 

I don’t know why, but I do not like Ruiqi. I think she is just trying so hard to show off and when she was asked by the mentors if she had to choose between Center and Vocal 2 she said “Do I have to choose?”. Seriously~? She has the Center part and she wants the Vocal 2 position as well. I hope for the next performances she will be a better team player. 

Shana took the Vocal 2 position and she owned it. I can listen and watch her fancam forever. She absolutely killed it and Suyeon did the same with her part. Suyeon was Vocal 7 and had the second smallest part, but every second she was on the screen I couldn’t look away. I had to laugh at how absurd her ending shot was. (I might be a little biased here. My top 2 picks are Suyeon and Shana.)

I have to agree with the mentors about the performance. I rather watch the individual fancam of each person than watch the whole performance. Lack of great teamwork and trying to outdo each other. I also agree with Sunmi’s comment on Dayeon, Yaning & Ruqi facial expressions being too much. Wrong interpretation of the song and they were really overdoing it, like even when it was not their part. 

Pretty U team won. Personally I would like The Eve team to win. They are overall better in terms of skill so if the evolution was based on only skills they would 100% win, but I personally believe skills do not mean much if they can’t convey the message in the song in a good way. The Eve team did not look like a team and did not convey the feeling and message of the song as the Pretty U team did a much better job of bringing the energy and quirkiness of the song.

Which performance was your favorite?

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