Girls Planet 999 Ep.6 [Recap/thoughts]

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We are 
Wenzhe, Bora & Manami 

Wenzhe was really good. I especially liked that she started the song.

Bora showed amazing leadership and teamwork once again. Bora helped Manami with not only writing and practicing her part, but also helped her with her mentality. There is one thing to help someone out, but it’s another thing to help someone to make them believe in themself. Beside helping Manami she also did an awesome job herself. I can’t really grasp how she managed to go from a vocalist to a rapper so flawlessly and help Manami at the same time. 

Manami was probably at her lowest point in her career. Coming this far and having to do a rap which is not your strength at all must be so mentally draining, but she got great support from her teammates which helped her a lot. Not only did she manage to rap, but she absolutely killed it and Wonjae commented that he wished that Manami would continue to rap. I couldn’t agree more. I just get goosebumps thinking this is her first time rapping and it’s in Korean. 

All three showed great energy and charisma. They did eachother good and their teamwork was on point. The synergy was perfect and it’s hard to believe that any other combination of girls would have done the same performance at the level they did.

Ice Cream
Dayeon, Ruan, Myah, Bahiyyih, Nientzu, Ririka, Hsinwei, Ayaka & Tammy

Dayeon What a great leader and she is really getting her spotlight. Dayeon has faced nothing but difficulties so far. She choreographed the performance in an amazing way where everyone got to shine. She had the killing part and still managed to get focus on the other girls. Not only that she gave a lot of encouragement and advice to Ruan who was struggling. 

Ruan lacked a lot of confidence. Ruan “I wish I can be a motivation for everyone” I hope she can be a motivation for herself. She should be proud of herself for having come this far. Not many have done that and the Masters also believe that she could become something great. 

Myah is such a great performer. Her personality is 100% cute, but at the same time she can turn on this charisma that makes her performance so much better. It will be so interesting to see if she can make it to the final group. I will definitely not be disappointed to see her in it.

Bahiyyih did a fantastic performance. Imo the best performance she had so far. Personally I do not like the fact that people seem to vote for her because of her brother and I do have a small agenda against her I guess, but it’s more directed towards the fans. Her rawr is addictive and so good. 

Nientzu I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The wink in her first part had me dead. She is one of my picks and this performance manifested her in my TOP9. 

Ririka is my second favorite japanese pick and she also manifested herself in my TOP9 with this performance. She ate that performance. The finger over the lips. The eyes. Her smile. Her moves. 

Hsinwei have improved so much. I don’t know if that is actually true because she might be an excellent dancer and that her singing is what is taking her down, but whatever she did an amazing job. 

Ayaka came out of nowhere. I must go and rewatch her performances because I don’t remember her at all. She did a really great job and her flip was so good. 

Tammy did a splendid job, but Mnet was quite disrespectful and made a really unnecessary cut in her part. 

Everyone gave 100% and you can see that they really really enjoyed the performance. My first reaction to this was the exact same as the Masters. I am so proud of every single one of them and to see them improve so much made my day/week/month. It will be hard for the other team to beat them, but I am very excited to see how they will do next friday.

No Excuses
Zige, Suyeon & Hikaru

Zige did a great job. Personally I haven’t paid too much attention to Zige so far, but she did great. I really do not have much to say about her. 

Suyeon was amazing. I am so happy that she got the killing part and damn she needs to start to believe in herself. She has amazing talent and skills. I understand she probably felt a lot of pressure for having the killing part and she seemed to be very relieved when the performance was over. She did everything right as a center and her performance was top tier. I didn’t expect anything else. 

Hikaru proved me wrong. My biggest criticism of Hikaru was that her facial expression in the two performances before was boring. She had one moment in Boombayah which was great. She is super talented, but I was not very amazed by her performances until now. Hikaru showed great facial expressions in this performance. It was fun, exciting and had charisma. 

I thought it was funny how Suyeon and Hikaru didn’t want to make the same mistake as the last team they were in, but all in all it worked out great. Their first evaluation was bad and everything that the Masters said was right, but they improved and made the dance so much better. I had fun watching the performance and all three of them did amazing.

Missing You
Yurina, Hyewon, Jeongmin, Reina, Xinyu & Cheukying

Yurina did a great job. Her harmony with Reina was great, not amazing. I found it weird that she really wanted to try for the killing part and that she thought she had to show something that she deserves the 1st place. First I think she chose the wrong song to go after and I think she already showed that she doesn’t need to be the center for people taking notice of her. She stands out in all of the performances anyway. 

Hyewon did her parts extremely well and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I really hope more people take notice of her. The two first performances she didn’t get any spotlights. Mr. Chu wasn’t shown on the show and in the Fiesta performance her part got overshadowed by Bora’s high note. I just fell in love with her personality. The small section before the performance where she is going around and encourages her teammates is amazing. I wish that Hyewon could go on to the next stage, but realistically there is not a high chance for that to happen. I will definitely support her after the show and I’m ofc praying for a miracle. 

Jeongmin is great. Her vocals are so clean. 

Reina’s high note was amazing and she showed that she really is a great vocalist. 

Xinyu showed fantastic power in her rap and also showed off her singing. 

Cheukying Same as Xinyu. Both rapped very well and showed off some singing. 

I kinda hate commenting on vocals because I don’t know anything. I don’t know what to comment besides good or bad, but the stage was amazing and I could watch the performance on repeat if I wanted. 

Episode Summary

This has to be my favorite episode of Girlsplanet/Produce ever. This is exactly what I wanted to see. Just amazing performances and I felt proud to see everyone perform. Every single one of them did an amazing job and I had a blast watching the episode. I hope we can get the same level of performance next friday.

The Teams for next friday

Yujin, May, Xiaoting, Ruiqi, Yeseo & Moana

Cai Bing, Doah, Risako, Hyerim, Hana, Chiayi, Jia, Luofei & Moka

My Sea
Jiyoon, Chaehyun, Yiman, Ziyin, Shana & Shihona

Chaeyun, Jiao & Kotone

Mafia in the morning
Faning, Mashiro & Jiwon

All About You
Yeyoung, Miu & Xingqiao

My House
Youngeun, Ayana & Yale

Which performance was your favorite and which are looking forward to see next episode?

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