Girls Planet 999 Ep.7 [Recap/thoughts]

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All about you
Yeyoung, Miu & Xingqiao

Yeyoung and Miu did a fantastic job. I think they both showcased their vocals really well and I got goosebumps listening to them sing. Personally I hope Yeyoung does go to the next round. Xingqiao however was disappointing. She started well, but she made a minor mistake afterwards. She is not a bad singer, but she has​ to step it up if she wants to continue in the show. 

Mafia In the morning
Yewon, Faning & Mashiro

All three did extremely well and there is literally nothing bad to say about their skills. The song was arranged nicely and they made good decisions which gave them an amazing performance. Personally I felt the performance was boring and I don’t think it is necessarily the girls fault. Vocally the song is just plain I guess. 

Chaeyun, Jiao & Kotone

This situation feels pretty much the same as the Sein situation. I don’t think either Sein or Jiao deserves any hate. Chaeyun had to deal with both situations which made me feel a little bad for her. Jiao clearly is flustered from having to rap and struggling to adapt. There might be some language problems too. I usually don’t take these small things very seriously because there could be a lot of factors to how one acts which we as a viewer don’t see and they are not fully matured either. 

I enjoyed the performance. They showed great energy. My standards for this performance weren’t as high as the other performances. They didn’t totally deliver in the skills department. 

My sea
Jiyoon, Chaehyun, Shana, Yiman, Shihona & Ziyin

It was so close to being perfect. Personally I loved Chaehyun and Shana. They were amazing. If I haven’t said it enough I hate making comments on vocals because I don’t know anything. My criteria for vocals are that I like their tone and they are decent. All the girls did very well, but when there is a vocal performance I feel there is always someone who is not going to have the opportunity to shine. 

Shana’s voice Hello…!!?? I’m the same as Onestar. I could just listen to her voice forever and I’m definitely smitten by this girl. I really hope that she will make it to the final group. 

My house
Ayana, Youngeun & Yale

They had a rough start. I think that Yale should tone it down with her confidence which she did to some degree. The J-group maknae Ayana who had to watch Youngeun and Yale being frustrated with each other. It did work out to the end and they showed a great performance. 

Youngeun smacked it. Her vocals were on point and the charisma on top of that was the death of me. Ayana absolutely killed it too. I can’t believe that she is the J-group’s maknae. Yale did a lot better than what she was credited for. 

Doah, Cai Bing, Luofei, Hana, Jia, Chaiyi, Hyerim, Moka & Risako

DRAMA….. Cai Bing definitely isn’t going to get more votes after this. Some people who take her defence focus on one situation, but I think she showed a lot of bad behavior. First she took credit for making the dance in the evaluation which I think is minor. It could have been miscommunication and I don’t think much about it. After that she said that she is okay with changing the killing part and when they tried to discuss it in the group she became extremely defensive and she tried to avoid any responsibilities. She also showed some petty behavior in practice when she wanted to change one part where Luofei is alone to both Luofei and Cai Bing. Many people want to discuss what is being said by Cai Bing, but I don’t care about that. For me it’s the fact that they discussed and agreed as a group to do one thing and that she wanted to change it afterwards where she is benefitted. She created a lot of fuss about unnecessary things and ruined the flow and dynamics of the group. It’s clear that they somehow made up and finished a really strong performance. I don’t think there is much bad blood between the girls, but I don’t think they necessarily want to team up with Cai Bing again either. 

The performance was good. I personally didn’t like it as much. Jia was literally the only one standing out for me. She killed it! 

Yeseo, Yujin, May, Xiaoting, Ruiqi & Moana

I got goosebumps just watching the performance and I was one the verge of crying. I could just see and feel that they were breathing and living every move they did. They were so in the moment and it was heavy. It felt more like an act. It was beautiful to see. Well choreographed and performed. Every single one of them killed it and it was truly a group performance where I felt no one outshined someone because they all did amazingly.  



3 people group – Mafia In the morning

Personally I would have loved to see We are or No excuses win and they would have totally deserved it too, but I’m not too bitter with the final choice either. Jiwon, Yaning and Mashiro did a good job and there was nothing bad to say about their performance. 

6 people group – Fate

Who else? Fate was by far the superior performance and it’s well deserved.

9 people group – Salute

I thought and hoped that the Ice cream team would have won, but I was wrong. It’s about preferences and it was extremely close. Personally I don’t feel like any of the girls stood out in the Salute team except Jia. Everyone in the Ice cream team had their part and everyone stood out which was more enjoyable to see.

I think everyone that is in the unsure bracket is capable of taking the planet pass. I really don’t have a grasp of the chinese contestants so that is why the list might be weird and Nientzu on the Planet Pass is probably the most biased name on this list.

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