Girls Planet 999 Ep.8 [Second Elimination Round]

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I think my prediction was decent~~ ^-^’ There were only two who surprised me and that was Bora and Ruan. I expected them to rise in ranks, but I did not expect them to survive this round. I think they definitely deserved it, no doubt. Other than that there weren’t a lot of surprises and I haven’t been this bored watching an elimination round, especially the TOP9. 

I don’t have stats or facts, but my first impression is that the groups who performed the first week got a better advantage than those who performed the second week/those who got the benefit. So it was better to perform in the first week than performing in the second and win the benefit which is dumb, unfair and lacks competitivness in a “competition”. 

Good luck to all the girls who got eliminated~~~!!! Thank you for all your hard work and I hope all of you flourish to something great. I’m grateful for all those amazing performances you have shown. Stay strong and 화이팅~~!! ^-^

Who are you going to miss the most?

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