Girls Planet 999 Final Ep.12 Prediction

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It’s now 2 days until the final episode where the final group is decided. I will just base my TOP9 prediction on previous elimination rounds and what I think. Mnet released the interim result and it does contain a lot of shocking results and it wouldn’t surprise me if that is close to the final result. All the Koreans will probably vote for their favorite Korean contestants and I found myself more interested in the Korean contestants than the contestants from J and C group. The voting system for the final definitely benefits the Korean contestants and is also the reason why the last elimination round had a lot of non-korean in the TOP9. Most voted for their korean favorite and the other two votes were fillers so the korean contestants had a lot of competitions for votes while the J and C contestants was where the popular ones went up and not so popular ones got eliminated. 

Previous TOP9
1. Shen Xiaoting
2. Kim Dayeon
3. Sakamoto Mashiro 
4. Ezaki Hikaru
5. Choi Yujin
6. Kawaguchi Yurina
7. Nonaka Shana
8. Fu Yaning
9. Seo Youngeun

My Final TOP9
1. Kim Dayeon
2. Choi Yujin
3. Seo Youngeun
4. Shen Xiaoting
5. Kim Chaehyun
6. Sakamoto Mashiro
7. Kang Yeseo
8. Kim Suyeon
9. Nonaka Shana (my dark horse)

This is what I think the final lineup will be. To be real Shana can be switched for Ezaki Hikaru, but I really want to see Shana in the final group.

What are you thoughts and who do think will make it to the final lineup?

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