Girls Planet 999 Final Ep.12

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First of all congratulations to all the girls who made it to the final lineup and thank you to all the girls who worked hard and dared to chase their dream. It has been wonderful watching your journeys throughout the show. I will definitely follow your journeys after the show so don’t give up.

My prediction for the final lineup was really close. I only got one wrong which is kinda mind blowing. Bahiyyih made it to the lineup which was expected. Her getting rank 2 was not expected.

My Final TOP9

1. Kim Dayeon

2. Choi Yujin

3. Seo Youngeun

4. Shen Xiaoting

5. Kim Chaehyun

6. Sakamoto Mashiro

7. Kang Yeseo

8. Kim Suyeon

9. Nonaka Shana (Dark horse)/Ezaki Hikaru (Serious)

The Final Lineup

1. Kim Chaehyun

2. Huening Bahiyyih

3. Choi Yujin

4. Kim Dayeon

5. Seo Youngeun 

6. Kang Yeseo

7. Ezaki Hikaru

8. Sakamoto Mashiro

9. Shen Xiaoting

I don’t have much to say. I’m looking forward to seeing this group debut and what they will bring to the table. I will most likely not stan this group. Hikaru is probably the only one I’m interested in seeing. This group sure doesn’t lack any talent, but I’m afraid that people have too high expectations for the group especially after IZONE and I think this lineup is quite similar to IZONE. It’s going to be interesting to see if they can do the same thing as IZONE. IZONE managed to make music that captivated people and everyone knew IZONE’s sound and color. 

After this show I’m more interested in the eliminated girls and how their path will be than what Kep1er is going to do. 

Final thoughts on the show

  • Hated the 1-pick vote system for the last round. Personally think that a 9 free pick system would have been so much better. People suggest that they wanted a 3-pick vote system like the previous round, but I think that would be bad. The C and J-group skyrocketed because filler votes. 

  • C group member being evil edited. I really don’t think so. I think it’s more about people just taking everything that is fed to them and blowing it out of proportion. Yaning dissing Yujin was weird and she kinda redeemed herself throughout the show. Even more weird is that Yaning and Yujin became friends outside of the show. People went mad over the Cai Bing situation and talked about how rude and disgusting she was, but Mnet just showcased how bad of a leader she was. Some went straight on canceling her. I have never liked Ruiqi. She had a lot of moments of bad character and I think she is greedy. 

    Those Chinese contestants that I liked got eliminated early and I think there were a lot of other Chinese contestants who would have done a better job than those who got through in my opinion. 

  • The final lineup being mostly koreans. I don’t remember where it said, but this group is a Korean focused group and will promote in Korea. IZONE were going to promote in Korea and Japan and they did. Kep1er is only going to be promoted in Korea from my understanding. The ratio was expected, but it’s weird that they didn’t even try to even it out.

Did your favorite make it and are you happy with the lineup?

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