Girls Planet 999

So Mnet have decided to do another survival reality show named Girls Planet 999 and there already has been rumors about known idols to join the program.

What is the show about?
It’s basically the fifth season of the Produce series. I highly doubt there are going to be any big changes to the layout of the show and they have most likely only changed the name because they probably don’t want Girls Planet 999 to be associated with the Produce series. The Produce series was in a big voting manipulation scandal where contestants were eliminated because of the voting manipulation. 

This season there are going to be 33 constants each from Korea, Japan and China. How many are going to be in the final group is unknown – Produce 101 had 11 winners and Produce 48 had 12 winners. 

There was some talk about a permanent group instead of a temporary one as previous seasons. I don’t know if I like this idea or not – it certainly comes with perks and cons. 

Am I going to watch it? 
Ofc I’m! I have watched both previous seasons so it would be weird not watching this one. I find it exciting to see all these new trainees and the next generation of idols. 

CLC’s Yujin is rumored to join the program as a contestant and I think it’s a possibility that is going to happen, but we just have to wait and see (Link: Koreaboo).

Are you excited and are you going to watch it when it starts airing?

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