GWSN | The Other Side of the Moon

GWSN is finally back after a little over a year! Their last comeback Bazooka! was good. It didn’t catch me on the first listen, but it grew on me. 

1. Burn (Song by MIYA, SEORYOUNG, ANNA, LENA)  2/10
A slow edm track. I don’t know what to say. It just doesn’t work.

2. I Can’t Breath  4/10

3. Like It Hot  8/10
I actually really like the song. The only part I don’t like is the first part of the choreo, maybe it will grow on me eventually. The 2nd part of the choreo is my favorite part of the song. It is so satisfying. 

I have nothing bad to say about the mv. I love the first scene. The set and the outfits are so pleasing to look at and it works really well together.

4. e i e i o  4/10
Yooo…. It’s so weird, but I kinda like the song. I don’t find it any good, but the song is so addictive in a weird way. It reminds me of GD’s Heartbreaker. 

5. Starry Night  6/10 
A solid song. 

6. I Sing (lalala)  5/10
I really like the piano and it’s a nice song. 

Which song is your favorite?

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