Hidden Gems Episode 1 | Lxxk 2 U – YENA

Source: Youtube YENA(최예나) (YENA - Lxxk 2 U Official Performance Video)

I’m so excited to introduce to you a new series called Hidden Gems where I share with you my favorite K-pop b-sides. B-sides can be equally good as the title track and in some cases even better than the title track which is why they definitely deserve some recognition and praise, so every wednesday I will share with you a new hidden gem.

I had so much trouble choosing which hidden gem to start with. Do I choose the most recent one that I liked, my all time favorite or the first b-side I liked? After a long thinking period I chose my favorite b-side released this year so far Lxxk 2 U by YENA

Lxxk 2 U was released with her debut album SMILEY in January this year. Lxxk 2 U is an electronic rock track, and is about a person being dumped and heartbroken who wishes pain and unhappiness for the person who left them. 

I never imagined YENA would release a song like Lxxk 2 U, but it worked so freaking good and it caught me totally off guard. It’s a total contrast of the title track and the image she has built for herself (or people have of her). Lxxk 2 U definitely reminds me of the 2000s pop punk era. The song is perfection and there isn’t a single thing I don’t like. YENA’s soft voice somehow works so well with the hard hitting drum and the rest of the industruments. Every part of the song is interesting and the transitions between them are great. 

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