Hidden Gems Episode 10 | Love is Blind – Apink

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Hidden Gems is a series where I share my favorite b-sides every wednesday. In Hidden Gems we discover new b-sides that deserve some extra love and appreciation. You are more than welcome to recommend b-sides for me to check out.

It’s crazy how I haven’t done an Apink hidden gem yet. Apink is my ult group along with Weeekly, and their songs comfort me that no other artists do. This week we are going to check out Love is Blind by Apink. I don’t think Apink needs an introduction as they are quite known, but as the K-pop community is growing and new people are joining we will do a short introduction to Apink. 

Apink debuted in 2011 with the song I Don’t Know under A Cube Ent. They debuted as a 7 member group consisting of Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Yukyung, Namjoo and Hayoung. Yukyung left the group in 2013 and Apink continued their journey as 6 until Naeun left the group in 2022 after spending almost 11 years as a member of Apink. After a ton of company name changes and merges they are now currently under IST Entertainment

Love is Blind was released with their 9th mini album LOOK in 2020, and it’s an unit song by YOS consisting of the members Yoon Bomi, Oh Hayoung and Son Naeun. Love is Blind was performed at their Pink World concert which was before the song and album came out. I was super excited for the album because Love is Blind was going to be on it, and I have had the song on repeat already from a concert fancam. I sincerely love this song with all my heart, and it’s a song I can put on no matter the mood I’m in. They performed the song on Music Shows a few times, and I have seen all of them and love every single one of them.

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