How Much Are Photocards Worth?

The price of a Kpop photocard depends on what kind of photocards it’s, but a standard album photocard usually ranges from $4-8. There are few things to have in mind when deciding how much a photocard is worth. 

Every group has their own market price which makes it hard to compare one photocard from one group to another. Example: A standard Twice album photocard tends to go for $3-4 while some standard BTS album photocard can go for $10. Both can go lower as well. 

Quantity of Production

A new Kpop fan might think that Twice photocards are dirt cheap, but they are really not. It really depends on how you look at it. A Twice album and A BTS album cost about the same. The newer Twice albums usually come with 5 photocards while most BTS albums come with 1 photocard, so it costs more to get the 5 photocards from a Twice album than 1 photocard from a BTS album which also means you get more value buying a Twice album than a BTS album and that doesn’t include the pre-order set and other inclusions that Twice usually have. 

(Let’s just say both albums cost $30) 

The price doesn’t really matter since both albums cost about the same. 

Twice 1 album $30
5 Photocards x $3 = $15 
$15/$30 = 50%

BTS 1 album $30
1 Photocard = $10
$10/$30 = 33%

50% of the value of a Twice album with 5 photocards is the photocards while one photocard from a BTS album is 33% value of the album. 

The other way to look at it is that you get more photocards for your money buying Twice photocards than BTS photocards, but there are also more Twice photocards in circulation than BTS photocards because you get more photocards per album.

The Cost of an Album

Not all albums cost the same and that will affect the price of the photocards inside the album. The weight and the size of an album will also affect the price on the photocards because the weight and size is the main factor for how much shipping for an album costs.

Supply and demand

The hardest part of setting a price on a photocard is when an album is out-of-print and it ultimately goes down to supply and demand. When an album is out-of-print it means that it is not being produced for various reasons and it becomes hard/impossible to buy the album in a conventional store. The prices of photocard from an out-of-print album doesn’t necessarily have to go up if there is a lot of supplies or very little demand. The prices can range anything from $3-20+. Loona predebut limited album photocards range from $50-150 which is kinda insane, but there is very little supply – one because it was a limited album and no longer in print and two Loona’s popularity have been on a continuing rise so the demand is high. 

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