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So you have sold or traded a photocard, now you want to know how to send it properly so it arrives at the other person in the same condition as you had it. 

Packaging it properly will prevent you from having to deal with a situation where the other person has a damaged photocard and they probably aren’t too happy with the situation. 

I like to package my photocards in a way where the next person can reuse the sleeve, the toploader and the greetings/postcard. In that way we can reduce waste and help the environment.

What you need:
– An envelope
– Any card sleeve
– Top Loader/Card Board
– Tape (Preferably washi tape or paintings tape)

Step 1. Sleeve it 

This will prevent any scratches and marks on the photocards during transport. It will also help against water damage to some extent. Any sleeve will do the work and you can double sleeve it if you want to. Double sleeving will make sure there will be no dust or particles scratching the card and will increase protection against water damage. 

I personally use Dragon Shield Resealable Sleeves. They work really well and they are resealable so the next person can reuse it if they want. 

Step 2. Put in the toploader

After sleeving the photocard you can put it in the toploader. This will prevent the photocard from bending, but it isn’t 100% unbendable. If you don’t have any toploaders you can use cardboard instead.

Ultra Pro Toploader

–  Put a tape on the sleeve so it’s easy to get the card out of the toploader (Pink tape in the picture). 
– Tape the top of the toploader so the photocard doesn’t fall out of the toploader. If the photocard slips out of the toploader there is a bigger chance it will get damaged.
– Don’t use regular/scotch tape. They are really sticky and leave residue on the toploader. Washi tape or painting tape works really well. 
– Fold the top of the tape as shown in the picture. This makes it easier to take it off. 

Step 3. Tape it to the greetings card
Tape the toploader to the greetings/postcard to make sure it doesn’t move around in the envelope. 

If you want you can write a thank you note. I write my thank you note on a piece of paper and then tape that to the greetings card, so the person who receives it can reuse the greetings card. I found some small Thai airlines notes when we were cleaning the house and I thought it was cool to use it as a thank you note. 

Step 4. Put in the envelope 
Done 🙂

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