If You Had The Power To Bring Kpop Groups Back From The Dead, Which Groups Do You Save?

If you had the choice to save any group from the dead (disbanded or on hiatus), who would it be? I think every Kpop fan has one or more groups they just want them to make a return to the industry. The reason I’m writing this post is because there are groups I miss a lot and the dream would be that they one day will come back. I will share who I would resurrect and I would love to hear yours as well 

Girl's Day

(Yura, Soojin, Minah & Hyeri)

Girl’s Day was my 2nd favorite Kpop group before Weeekly came into the picture, still my all time top 3. Even though I don’t talk much about Girl’s Day, they still have a special place in my heart. They had so many bops throughout the years which are still covered to this day. The most recent I can think of is EVERGLOW’s cover of Something which was fire! Their sexiness blew my mind and it still does. They had an amazing aura and that is one of the reasons they were so successful when they were active. Minah’s vocals, Yura’s rap and the all-rounder Soojin and Hyeri, they fitted so well together and they made one amazing group. Everyday I wish someone would just debut or do a comeback in the same way as Girl’s Day. 

They had a really special bond and they still interact with each other which is so enjoyable for us fans. I do miss seeing them together on variety shows. They were so funny and I had so much fun watching them. I think almost everyone knows their laughter, it’s so hilarious and unique. I miss them so much and if I were given the chance to reborn Girl’s Day and have them debut again, I would have done it in a heartbeat. 

Discover Girl’s Day

    –  Something 
    –  Female President
    –  Don’t forget me
    –  Expect
    –  Twinkle Twinkle
    –  Darling

Girl’s Day last concert playlist from their official Youtube channel.
   –  Boys Day Something dance cover.
   –  An Unhelpful Guide to Girl’s Day
(One of the best B-side ever)
   –  Minah’s solo “I am a Women too

Instagram: Soojin @ssozi_soojinYura @yura_936, Minah @bbang_93 & Hyeri @hyeri_0609


(UJI, Haeryung, Dahye & Hyeyeon)

Recently I have been listening to a lot of Bestie songs. Reason being that they have some extremely good songs which are criminally underrated and in my opinion deserve much more love. 3 former EXID members (Hyeyeon, Haeryung, UJI) who never even got close to experiencing the same fame as EXID, a tragedy. UJI (Jung Yuji) said in an interview that she earned no money under Bestie (Source: SBS News). They didn’t get to release a lot of songs because they got very little traction from the public, but the few songs they did release were bops. They had splendid vocals which were one the same level as the best at the time.

Bestie were active for 2 short years and in those 2 years they made me fall in love with them. I will truly cherish the group Bestie for a long time. They really did deserve a better career and I’m sad that we fans couldn’t make it happen, so that is why I will continue preaching the name BESTie.

Discover BESTie

    –  Excuse me 
    –  Thank You Very Much
    –  Love Options
    –  Hot Baby
    –  Pitapat

Mamacita” Music show cover
Autumn leaves” OST by UJI for a web drama that Haeryung played in. 
    –  Dahye solo “Bad Blood
    –  Bestie funny moments 

Instagram: Hyeyeon @yoni2_, UJI @__yudidi_, Dahye @dahye0612 & Haeryung @haeryung_na_

Honorable Mentions:

BIGBANG – I’m not a big fan of the members, but they released some fire music. I used to listen to Bigbang before I even got into Kpop so there is a hole in my heart that is longing for the 2000’s hip-hop vibe. (Song recommendation: Haru Haru, LA-LA-LA & Last Farewell)

Secret – I didn’t get immediately attached to Secret and it took a long time before I started to be more interested in Secret besides their music. They are definitely one of the groups I miss a lot. (Song recommendation: I’m In Love, Shy Boy & Poison)

Others: 9MUSES, Ruann, Dalshabet

Truthfully I got a “little emotional” (on the verge of crying) listening to these songs and writing this post. I truly miss these groups and some of them in my opinion didn’t get the love they deserved. Which groups would you have resurrected? 

Girl’s Day DreamT Ent.
– BESTie YNB Ent.

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