Jiyoon’s Departure & Weeekly’s Future

Weeekly (Source Twitter: @_Weeekly)

It’s been over a month since IST Entertainment announced that Jiyoon would no longer be a part of Weeekly’s future activities and is finished as a member of Weeekly. No joke the night before the announcement I was laying in bed, thinking when are they going to give us any update on Jiyoon and when she is coming back from her hiatus… I was so wrong… 

For people that are new to Weeekly. Jiyoon was an amazing person and I was lucky enough to talk to her twice through video call fansigns. During my first video call fansign I was nervous, but when Jiyoon popped up on the screen all my worries went away. Her bright, outgoing and kind personality made the video call so much easier, and her unwavering love for the fans is incredible. Other than being an absolutely wonderful person she is also extremely talented in making songs and has contributed to many fantastic songs that I truly really enjoy (Reality, My Earth, Weeekly, Lucky & etc.). Jiyoon will be greatly missed by Daileee and the members. Jiyoon has been struggling with mental health for a long period, and we Daileee hope that she has great recovery. 

I don’t think Jiyoon will ever be a member of Weeekly again, but there is the possibility of her working on songs for Weeekly in the future if her mental health improves. The post that IST posted stated that Jiyoon is concluding her activities as a member of Weeekly and there was nothing about the contract being terminated, so we can live with the slight hope of the idea that Jiyoon could work on a Weeekly song in the future.

Will there be a new member?

The concept of Weeekly is that it’s a 7-member group, and we are currently missing wednesday. I think there is a lot of argument for and not to add a new member, and it’s going to be very interesting to see how IST is going to handle the situation. 

The only requirement that I have for a new member is that it’s someone that the members are already familiar with, someone they trained with during trainee days and are on good terms with. Personally I’m super conflicted. If they don’t add a new member there will always be this missing spot because of the concept of Weeekly and adding a new member is such a risky move. 

Are you going to miss Jiyoon and do you want a new member?

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