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The songs released this month have been so much better than the last, and I’m starting to get more into K-pop again. For me, good releases are key for me to continue to be interested in K-pop. We started this month with a bop Last Sequence, then we got Hurt by the new upcoming girl group NewJeans, and lastly we got _WORLD by SEVENTEEN. Three amazing songs that made my month. 

We did get some sad news. Gyuri have decided to not renew her contract so fromis_9 who just finished their comeback Stay This Way will continue as a 8 member group moving forward. It was literally announced on the 28th and her contract ended on the 31th. A thing that came to mind was for how long did the rest of the members renew their contract for, whatever, best of luck to Gyuri and fromis_9. I hope that she is happy with the decision and that everything works out for her. 

HYBE upcoming girl group NewJeans is having their debut on the 1st. NewJeans is a 5 member girl group under ADOR (which is under HYBE). They have already released pre-debut singles/b-sides Attention, Hype Boy & Hurt for their upcoming album and have gained a lot of attention and new fans before their debut. They are also under some controversy which is not about the members, but about the person who is responsible and behind creating the group NewJeans. 

There are a lot of exciting comebacks and debuts in August. NewJeans, YENA, Girls’ Generation, THE BOYZ to name a few. I’m the most excited for Yena’s release, my number 1 pick during Produce 101. Her comeback is on the 3rd so I’m definitely setting my day off to listen to that album. Which August release are you the most excited for? 

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Favorite releases of July

My favorite release this month. WJSN is continuing with their more mature concept and the song is amazing. I have been watching every live stage. Their outfit has been on point as always.

My favorite pre-release from NewJeans, and it has been on repeat since release. This song gave me some hope that I might like NewJeans’s debut, but we will see. Hurt is a fantastic mellow song and I was totally mesmerized by their voices. 

I actually didn’t think any of the song during the first listen and passed it, but after a few days I suddenly stumbled over it again and I started to like it, and now I absolutely love the song. It’s such a nice groovy song that lightens my mood.

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