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In addition to the normal Korean drama series you also have something called a web drama, but what is the difference between a regular Korean drama and a Korean web drama?

The main difference is the watch time. The web drama is shorter than a regular drama series and has typically a watch time of 10-25 min per episode. 

Typical Korean drama Typical Korean web drama
Episodes: 16 -20
Episode time: 40-60 Min
Total watch time: 10-20 Hours
Episodes: 8-14
Episode time: 10-20 Min
Total watch time: 1-5 Hours

Pros with web dramas

  • Short watch time and works perfect for people with little time.
  • No time for irrelevant scenes and plot. You won’t be sitting through a really boring section that does not help with the plot at all. 
  • Few characters and an easy storyline to follow. 
  • Great production and writing. The production and the writing has evolved a lot and the newest web dramas are of high quality. 
  • Most Korean web dramas come with good English subtitles. Some release English subtitles a few days after the release of an episode so no need to wait long for subs. 


  • The plot is pretty straightforward and simple. 
  • Very little or sometimes no character development. 
  • Cramped, too much plot in little amount of time. 

I do like to watch regular dramas, but sometimes I just do not have enough time to watch them and I get burned out from watching dramas I don’t like. Korean dramas take time and I usually have to watch a few episodes to decide if it’s something I want to continue to watch or if I’m going to find a new one. Therefore I like to switch to web dramas when I don’t have much time or I’m not seeing any interesting kdramas. The web dramas are equally good as kdramas and should definitely be checked out. 

There are a lot of Kpop idols who start their acting career in web dramas and they are everywhere. 

Here is my recommendations for you who want to check out some web dramas

1. Love Playlist

The drama revolves around a group of friends and their hardship through university life, friendship and relationships. Can boys and girls just be friends? What happens when a school couple breaks up? How do you tackle a rejection? 

It’s an amazing web drama and it’s also the web drama that introduced me to Korean web dramas. Love Playlist has had huge success and has now 4 seasons. It’s not common for web dramas to have multiple seasons, but Love Playlist has a fantastic cast and the plot is both exciting and enjoyable. Playlist Global has many other great series on their Youtube channel which you can watch. 

2. Dating Class

This drama follows 6 university students who end up taking a class called “An Introduction to Dating” where they explore their true feelings and thoughts. Han Eunsol (LOONA’s Chuu) is set out to find her soulmate and she brings her close friend Kang Jiyoung (Fromis_9’’s Gyuri) with her to the class where they meet Cha Juwon, Im Hajun, Yoon Soo (KNK’s Seoham) and Jo Taejin. 

3. XX 

Yoon Na Na is a well-regarded bartender at XX bar. She takes pride in her work and position as the head bartender. She involves herself in other parts of XX like selecting menu items or setup of the interior. Her dream is to own XX bar. One day, the new owner of XX appears in Yoon Na Na. She is Lee Roo Mi. The two women were best friends 5 years ago, but something happened between them. Yoon Na Na became upset at Lee Roo Mi. Now, Lee Roo Mi tries to make up with Yoon Na Na, but it’s not easy.

4. My Fuxxxxx Romance

A love drama about friends looking for a free & easy love falling into complicated relationships. Who is going to change and be loyal or will their love and friendship fall through into hopelessness? 

The drama is quite mature and does not suit the young people, but it’s a nice drama about people wanting different things in a relationship which doesn’t get a lot of spotlight in main korean dramas.

Other Series
Romance Talking

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