Kpop Binder – What kind of Binder to choose?

There are so many different types of photocard binders to choose from and this is another aspect in the hobby where you can pick and choose your own colors. Are you the cute person who wants to have the cutest binder or do you just want the simplest and easy to use binder?

Cute binders 
Are you collecting 1 person and want a really cute binder, here is a cute mini bear binder.

Or do you want this cute pudding cake binder with a heart on the front?

This binder works perfectly for people that collect 2 or 4 members.

Here you have a cute 3-pocket binder

Simple and professional binders
Here are some binders for those who just want a simple binder and for those who want to look like a professional collector. The price range here can vary from which product you want to choose.

The cheapest binder you will ever get is the normal binder from the store. You have to buy the standard 9-pocket pages either in store or online, but there are also many other types of pages (2-pocket, 4-pocket, 8-pocket etc.) so you can put your other album inclusions in the binder if you want. Scroll down to see the pages ↓

Here is my binder. It’s pricey, but I think the quality I get is definitely worth it. You can also buy the QuadRow binder which is bigger and can fit 12-pocket pages instead of only 9-pocket. They also come in limited colors.

Pocket Pages
For standard photocards you want 9-pocket pages. Postcards fit the 2-pocket pages and sometimes the 4-pocket pages depending on the dimensions on the postcard.

I personally use the Ultimate guard 9-pocket black pages or 18-pocket pages as they call it with side-loading pockets.

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