Kpop Christmas Songs that will get you in the Holiday Mood

The holiday season has already started and Christmas is just around the corner. What better way to get in the right christmas mood than listening to your favorite Christmas song? Christmas is my favorite holiday. It’s the time of the year I feel a stronger bond of gratitude and happiness among people. Kpop has released tons of Christmas songs throughout the years so grab your hot chocolate and listen to these amazing Christmas songs. ❄🎁⛄

One of my favorite Christmas songs~! This song shouldn’t be judged by it’s first part. The piano at the start is delightful, but the song definitely picks the pace up afterwards. The girls look extra good in the MV and they have what I like to call the “Christmas glow”. The MV is cute and filled with nothing but Christmas. Winter Story is an amazing song for those who like a slower song with an acoustic guitar 🎄🎄

Planning to make a huge confession during Christmas? Maybe this song can help you get over your nervousness and encourage you to make your confession 💖🎁 Another great GOT7 Christmas song Miracle which should be checked out ❄️

Talking about Christmas songs, here is a beautiful Christmas carol by LOONA. Having a rough day at school or work, this bright melody will cheer up anyone and put you in the right Christmas mood. LOONA also released The Carol 2.0 with Vivi, Choerry, Yves.

Longing home to family or loved ones and the time to Christmas can be hard, but this song lets you know that it’s worth the wait. Family will always wait for your return no matter how far you might venture through life. There will always be a home where you can feel comfort and love.

What is your favorite Christmas song? ❄️🎄🎅

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