Kpop New Year’s Resolutions 2022

Making new year’s resolutions is a great way to keep your focus on the right things and it might save you money especially if you are a Kpop collector. I have seen a lot of Kpop collectors be quite indecisive about their collections. Stop collecting one group/member to begin a new one collection and then eventually drop the new one after a short time. They waste money and get distracted from their real goals. Here’s tips on how you can start and potentially get the collection you always dreamed of. 

1. Focus on your ult and ult group. 

The first on your list should be the one who got you started to collect or is the reason you collect. Focusing on the one or few that make you the most happy collecting or supporting is the best solution to finish your ultimate goal. Buying things or photocards from other groups just because you thought that thing or that one photocard set was cute will eventually get you in the situation where you will start to wonder why you even bought it? When instead you could buy something from who you support and love and I have definitely been there, but I will say I’m quite good at not making those impulsive decisions. In my case I bought Cherry Bullet’s lightstick because I think it’s a really cool lightstick and I like Cherry Bullet, but they are nowhere close to being my ults so I do regret buying it and it’s a waste of money because it doesn’t make me happy. 

2. Scaling or downsizing your collection?

First of all there is no shame in downsizing collections or to stop collecting completely. Deciding to scale or downsize the collection makes it easier to have a clear vision on where you want your collection to be and I guarantee that you will be more relieved and happy with this simple decision. 

Things to take in account when making the decision:

  • Enjoyment
  • Financials
  • Storage/Space

Q. What are your collection goals this year?
A. My collection goals this year are pretty much the same as last year. Slowly increasing my Apink and Weeekly collection, but this year I really want to downsize on other groups.

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