Kpop Resealable Sleeves | Dragon Shield

I recently bought Dragon Shield Perfect Fit Inner Card Sleeves and I am really happy with the purchase!

My reason for trying the sleeves was because I wanted something to protect my rare Weeekly photocards as I felt the normal sleeves weren’t enough protection. The cards are worth around 140USD per card, so I would feel really uneasy if I were going to put them in normal sleeves and I wanted to have them in the binder.

*The photocard are holographic in the front

I am extremely happy with the resealable sleeves and it did not cost a lot more than the normal Dragon Shield sleeves.  

Reasons to buy it:
More protection than normal sleeves/Double sleeving
Protects your card from dust from all sides and you can double sleeve them if you want. 

Resealable (No glue or tape)
There is no glue or tape so you can use them multiple times. The backside will also be clear since there is no glue or tape so you can also enjoy the backside of the card.

–  Price
I personally find the price to be really good for the protection you are getting.

Double sleeved on the right side

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