LE SSERAFIM – FEARLESS | Album & Debut Review

The highly anticipated girl group of HYBE is finally here. LE SSERAFIM is debuting under Source Music which is again under HYBE. The group’s name is an anagram for I’m Fearless, and consists of 6 members which includes two already well known names, Chaewon & Sakura who was part of Mnet’s Produce 48 winning and temporary group IZ*ONE.  

The Concept Photos:

HOLY~~!!!!! Source Music & HYBE did not choose to play around when they were shooting the concept photos. From start to finish – everything is literally perfection. The quantity of quality is insane, and there is not a single photo that is questionable. I really wanted to buy the album for the photobook only, but that’s a dumb desiscion that I will not make today. I can’t decide which photo shoot I liked the best. The race photo shoot is so thrilling, you just know they are ready to take over the K-pop industry at a speed that none other have done before, and then you have the absolutely stunning and gorgeous water & flower photo shoot. The person that attracted me the most is definitely Kazuha. I don’t know if anyone has said it, but the bob hair suits Chaewon so well~~!! 🤵🏻‍♀️

At first listen everything was great until the chorus with the anti-drop, the build-up was intense and I clearly expected the song to take off during the chorus, but after a few relistenings the disappointing chorus started to grow on me and it’s getting better and better. Kazuha does in fact have my heart, not only is she attractive on the outside, but her voice is attractive as well. The song is incredibly good and I fully support that they are daring to do something so different from what other Korean pop songs are doing, but the song it’s just not my vibe. 

I think the MV and the song perfectly showcase their chickness and their quest to the top doing it in their own way, and whether you are going to support or hate them, they do not care.  

Blue Flame 💙💙💙💙

I definitely prefer this over the title track as it’s more kind of my vibe and it’s much easier to groove to. The song is upbeat and fun/bright while it’s not striving too far away from the sound of the title track and rest of the album. 

The Great Mermaid 💙💙

This sounds like something Aespa would release, but I do like this over any b-side that Aespa has released so far. That is a personal opinion, and I think that Aespa’s b-sides are too experimental for my taste. I think The Great Mermaid is ok – I don’t like the song and it’s definitely not my vibe. 

Sour Grapes 💙💙💙💙

During the first listen through of the album I liked this song the best, but Blue Flame has slowly captivated me. I’m all for playful songs and it might be why I liked it so much during the first listen through. 

Overall 💙💙💙💙

The debut was superb, and the only thing that didn’t live up to expectations was the title track and that is only because they did an amazing job creating an incredible campaign leading up to the debut. The planning and execution of LE SSERAFIM is something I haven’t seen before in K-pop and it feels like they are a group of models who decided to become K-pop idols. They even did model walks one by one during the debut showcase and I have lost count of how many deadass gorgeous outfits they have worn so far. They have already created their own sound which I hope they continue with. I’m super excited to see what they will bring to the K-pop industry moving forward, and I think we have only seen the start of it and they have just debuted which is remarkable. 

I just love the fact they debuted with a mini album instead of a single album which a lot of big companies have been doing. I highly value the depth of the discography of a group and it’s the reason why my favorite groups are Apink, Weeekly & WJSN who have tons of songs in their repertoire.

What is your take on LE SSERAFIM’s debut, and do you have a favorite song so far?

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