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Lightsum is finally debuting and I’m so excited for it. I like the mix of members and it will be quite exciting to see what each member can bring to the table. 

Vanilla 7/10

The first listen – I was busy and I just skimmed through the mv. There was nothing in the song that caught my attention and I especially hated the beat drop, so I just had the song on hold for now. 

Then I finally got the time to actually sit down to watch the mv and listen to the song. I can now say the song is so addictive and I find it hard to stop listening to the song. There are still parts of the song I don’t like – I think the rap part is badly implemented into the song and it shows very little of the potential Sangah and Jian have. The beat drop is alright and it does add another element to the song, I guess ^-^’

Conclusion – a solid debut that will most likely grow on more people eventually. I hope they don’t completely change style for the next comeback and keep doing a really bright concept. Nayoung got so much screen time and lines, but I can’t complain because she is my bias and she is so small 🙂
I’m definitely excited to see more of Lightsum.

Who is your Lightsum Bias?

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