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Haseul is finally back with LOONA’s 4th mini album! Let’s go~! ^-^ I have only watched the first teaser for this comeback, so I don’t even know how many songs there are on the album. Nonetheless I’m super excited to watch the MV and listen to the album. 

PTT (Paint The Town) 9/10
The first part of the song literally gave me goosebumps and it’s so f’ing good. I love the Heejin and Choerry opening part followed by Kim Lip, Gowon and Yves hallway section which is probably my favorite section in the song. Not only that, but the next part by Chuu and Vivi is another amazing piece. Haseul, Hyunjin and Jinsoul finishing the first part of the song is perfect. The first part of the song is literally perfection and I could listen to that part on repeat, which I probably have already done ≧◉◡◉≦

My only problem with the song is the beat drop, it’s just not my taste. The first beat drop was really underwhelming. All the tension and tempo building up to the choreo was kinda destroyed by the beat drop. The second beat drop fits the song much better than the first, even though it’s the same. It’s probably because the build up for the first beat drop was so much greater than for the second beat drop. 

Yoooo!! Yeojin’s rap!!??!? Just let her go off. I was so disappointed that she only got two lines after hearing her rap. 

The rest of the song is a masterpiece and Kim Lip’s voice. I don’t know what to do with this girl. She is absolutely killing me -_-* The charisma these girls have is astonishing, but it’s sad to see how little attention Vivi got in the MV. Gowon was also almost invisible in the MV. 

WOW 9/10
Holy..!!! This song is so good, I love it! A really bouncy song with a lot of tempo. It’s not only a fun song, but it does sound like the girls had a blast making it and the message in the song about celebrating with all the women in the world and encouraging girls to be strong and confident in themselves is amazing. 

Be Honest 7/10
I like the song, but to be honest it somehow doesn’t capture my full attention. Maybe a few listens will help it ^-^’ 

Dance On My Own 8/10
It really sounds like a genetic american pop song, but it’s really good and I like it. It is a song that could potentially chart really well if it got any attention from the public. 

A Different Night 5/10
Their vocals are no joke. I think this ballad will grow on me like 365 did, but now I really want to listen to PTT, WOW and Dance On My Own instead. 

U R 6/10
Another slow song, but this one is easier to vibe to and I like it ᵔ.ᵔ 

This is my 2nd favorite album by LOONA behind [+ +] and it’s my favorite LOONA title track so far 100%. If you didn’t know I hate LOONA for making my collecting life miserable, how can you choose a bias in this group? and if you want to collect every member then you have to say goodbye to your money -_- 

What do you think about the album? comment below

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