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I have barely enjoyed any Kpop releases this month, and have instead used the time to listen to my favorite releases from February. I also listened heavily to Todo de Ti by Rauw Alejandro and I was late to the party but I finally added DARARI by Treasure to my playlist.

Weeekly made their comeback early this month, and I have been following the promotion closely. Even though I’m not a super fan of the title track and the sudden concept change, I have still watched 90% of the music show performances. 

Also I just finished a video call fansign with Weeekly today. It was probably the worst video call I have had with them, purely on my own behalf. First of all I didn’t expect to win (I bought 10 albums from Makestar, mostly for the pre-order benefits). The second thing was that the winner announcement came on the 29th and I had 3 days to prepare. During those days I was super busy and I barely prepared anything for the call . And the last thing was that I had work right before the call and I was so tired, but on the other hand I’m happy that I got the opportunity to meet them again during this comeback. I did win a 1-1 video call with Soojin, which I’m much more mentally prepared for and I will use the week I have to prepare everything I want to say. 

March post

Favorite releases of March

This song is definitely my kind of vibe, and I fell in love with the song during the first listen. I think Purple Kiss has some amazing b-sides that everyone should check out.

My favorite song from Weeekly’s newest single album Play Game: AWARE. It’s a perfect groovy slow song. 

After watching countless performances of Ven para it has slowly grown on me and it might grow even more.

What is your favorite release this month?

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