My Plan For My Weeekly Collection

In the Kpop Photocard Guide I mentioned that having a plan on what to collect was important. Today I will share my plan for my Weeekly collection and what my thoughts are on different things. 

Why am I collecting Weeekly?

Let’s start with the basics, why. As a multi stan I like many groups and I listen to a lot of groups, so it’s very hard to actually choose who I want to collect, but with Weeekly it was a very easy choice for me. 

Not only do I love the group, but I could see myself loving the group in many years forward. With many groups there is almost always one or a few members that I don’t take interest in and with Weeekly I love all the members. 

What do I collect/want to collect? 

For now I collect:

  • All album photocards
  • Most of the Pob’s/Store exclusive photocards
  • Signed album

It’s important to know what you want to collect, but it’s as important to know what you want to not collect. 

For my instance I do not collect:

  • Fave girls photocards
  • Online broadcast photocards
  • Some Pob’s/Store exclusive photocards
  • Pre-order benefits postcards

My reason for not collecting these is because I don’t think the price justifies what I’m getting or I just don’t like them for some reason. This is just my personal opinion. 

Weeekly aren’t 1 year old yet and they 305 photocards excl. Fave girls & Broadcast photocards and that’s just insane. If you say the average price for a photocard would be 8 usd then a full Weeekly collection would cost 2.440 usd and if you want to add Fave girls & broadcast photocards it would be even higher. 

The future

Right now I’m looking to buy the Tower Records Polaroids and I haven’t finished my collection yet either. I need to buy the We are Zoa album photocard and the We are Monday Makestar photocard, but I have been so lazy. they pop up sometimes on Instagram, but I don’t actually buy them -_-.

I’m always in search of new polaroids, but I don’t think the price is good at the moment. It could be a combination of the exploding rise in popularity because of After School and the pandemic. 

So I hope when the pandemic is over the prices will go down. 

Stay safe and happy collecting!

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